Signs Your Liver Is Healing from Abuse

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Your liver is a resilient organ that can self-heal from heavy abuse, such as alcohol poisoning from too much drinking. Fortunately, most liver damage caused by alcohol is reversible. There will be plenty of signs your liver is healing once you stop drinking and taking any medications and supplements known to impact the liver. Alcohol rehab can give you the support you need to stop drinking and learn how to live a healthy life.

At Ashwood Recovery, we provide compassionate support for men and women struggling with alcohol addiction through our outpatient alcohol rehab facility. We help our patients understand the reasons behind their addiction and develop coping skills to process their feelings healthily. Our professional staff also provides medication-assisted treatment to reduce withdrawals and cravings to ease the recovery process and decrease any medical symptoms due to liver damage. Call 208.274.8609 today to speak with our compassionate staff about enrolling in our outpatient alcohol rehab facility.

Types of Liver Disease Caused by Drinking

Your liver is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for producing bile, detoxification, digestion, and other vital functions for your health. Your liver can process up to 90% of the alcohol you ingest within one hour, with the rest coming out through urine, sweat, or breath. If you have multiple drinks within one hour, your liver will struggle to keep up, and that is when you feel intoxicated, also known as alcohol poisoning.

With continued abuse, men and women will experience different stages of liver disease:

  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Alcoholic cirrhosis

Your liver can heal from fatty liver and hepatitis disease, but cirrhosis causes scarring of the liver that cannot be healed and requires medication to manage symptoms. Some signs that your liver is healing include a decrease in the swelling of ankles and feet, your skin stops itching, and your urine returns to a normal color.

Signs Your Liver Is Healing from Alcohol Abuse

When you stop drinking, you will first experience withdrawal symptoms as your body cleanses itself from all of the toxins. Over time, your body will heal and begin to return to normal. You will experience physical signs your liver is healing, such as healthier-looking skin and eyes, increased energy levels, and reduced stomach pain and swelling.

Other signs your liver is healing include:

  • Improved amino-acid regulation – Your liver processes proteins and amino acids that your body cannot store.
  • Better immune protection – Your liver plays a critical role in detecting, capturing, and clearing harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Decreased risk of hypoglycemia – Excessive drinking can lead to low blood sugar and impact your energy levels.
  • Improved blood clotting – Alcohol decreases the production of blood platelets in the blood, which are responsible for helping cuts clot or stop bleeding.
  • Removal of bacteria from the bloodstream – Your liver is a vital filtration system for your body. When you drink, you impact your liver’s ability to keep bacteria out of your bloodstream, leading to sepsis and septic shock.

These signs that your liver is healing will need a doctor to draw blood and perform several tests. Medical staff at an addiction treatment facility can test your liver when you enroll in a program and then perform additional tests to see the signs your liver is healing from alcohol abuse.

Choose Ashwood Recovery for Our Compassionate Alcohol Rehab Program

Ashwood Recovery provides men and women with effective outpatient treatment programs that help them reach their sobriety goals and experience the healthy benefits of sobriety. One of these benefits is physical signs your liver is healing, such as better digestion, healthier-looking skin, and improved self-esteem.

Reach out to our friendly staff today by calling 208.274.8609 or filling out our online form to discover the health benefits of leading a sober life.

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