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Ashwood Recovery is a licensed and accredited facility in Boise, ID, and we regularly receive referrals from some of the top treatment programs in the country.

We can offer a short phone assessment/consultation at no cost to you. A more in-depth drug and alcohol assessment may be required in order to determine the proper placement for our clients. Each assessment costs $150.

The assessments take approximately one and a half hours to complete.

Once you contact us to get an assessment for drug treatment or alcohol treatment, we will set up your appointment. We are usually able to fit clients in within two weeks, but often times sooner.

Ashwood Recovery does not do DUI evaluations. We are happy to refer you to a facility that can accommodate your needs.

We provide treatment for any type of addiction, including alcoholism, in Boise, Idaho.

While we do not offer opiate replacement therapy as a part of our treatment plan at Ashwood Recovery, we are able to provide you with coordinated treatment with your prescribing physician if suboxone or methadone is deemed necessary for your recovery.

Alcohol detox and drug detox are a very important part of the healing process for most clients who are interested in recovering from an addiction. For that reason, Ashwood Recovery may offer drug and alcohol detox on an outpatient basis. At times, medically supervised detox may be necessary.

The length of your outpatient treatment will depend on your individual needs. Clients are generally participating in groups and meeting with their counselors for a total of nine hours a week.

At Ashwood Recovery, our intensive outpatient treatment program generally lasts approximately twelve weeks. However, some clients might need longer than that. Your needs will be assessed and your treatment tailored appropriately before you are considered to have completed the program.

We do offer a variety of groups to meet your outpatient needs at Ashwood Recovery. These groups include 12-step groups, adolescent support groups, and even groups for families. We understand that you are an individual, which is why we strive to meet all of your needs for therapy during your recovery.

The size of the groups varies at Ashwood Recovery, but you can expect between four and ten people to be present at each group meeting.

At Ashwood Recovery, our outpatient addiction recovery groups are not gender specific. Both men and women attend the same group sessions.

As a part of your treatment at Ashwood Recovery, you will regularly meet with a private counselor who will discuss your addiction with you and help you work through the challenges of recovery. You will meet with your counselor on a weekly basis.

Once you have completed intensive outpatient treatment, you will most likely be referred to our Continuing Care Program. This program involves a step-down process that will provide you with exceptional support as you continue to recover from your addiction. Those who participate in a step-down program after their initial addiction treatment have higher success rates.

The cost of your addiction treatment at Ashwood Recovery will vary, based on your individual needs. We can work with your insurance to help cover costs. We can offer you program pricing details once your assessment is completed and we verify your insurance coverage.

At Ashwood Recovery, we work with a variety of insurance plans to get the most out of your benefits. Many of our clients are able to have their treatment covered without any out of pocket expenses. Some clients must meet their insurance deductibles prior to insurance covering the cost of addiction treatment.

There are a few options available to you if you require state assistance to help pay for your treatment. We will be happy to discuss these options with you in detail.

Here at Ashwood Recovery, we believe that having the support of your family is very important. We host a family night every week, and it has allowed our clients to experience great success in recovery from addiction. If you are a parent of a teen who is in treatment, you will be very involved on a weekly basis to support your child.

All clients receiving treatment at our Boise, ID location will participate with random urine drug screens. This allows us to maintain a high level of accountability for our clients, and it also helps to build your confidence in your ability to stay sober. In addition our urine drug screens are also available to anyone who is not involved in any of our programs at any time.

Ashwood Recovery’s outpatient program is similar to what you might find at AA or NA in that we incorporate the 12 Step philosophy into our support groups and counseling sessions. We’ve found this to be an exceptional way to treat addiction, and we also rely on outside 12-Step Programs for additional support for our clients.

Your involvement in treatment at Ashwood Recovery will always be kept confidential, and outside agencies, friends, and family members will not be notified without a release of information from you. We are a HIPAA compliant facility, and your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

If you have additional questions that are not found on our outpatient treatment FAQs, please feel free to contact us.

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