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Drug Rehab

Every addiction story is unique. Your treatment plan should be designed just for you to meet your needs. Ashwood Recovery offers a completely individualized drug rehab recovery plan catered to your specific addiction, background, and mental health needs.

Our 3 Levels of Drug Rehab Care

We offer several levels of treatment. The most appropriate level for you will depend on the severity and length of your addiction, work obligations, family responsibilities, and health insurance coverage. These are the options available at Ashwood:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): PHP offers up to six hours per day, five days per week of therapy, the most intensive level of addiction treatment. Although the patients will continue to sleep at home, most of their waking hours will be spent at the rehab center. This option is ideal for cases of severe or long-term drug abuse.
  • Outpatient Program (OP): Traditional outpatient treatment is the least time-consuming drug treatment option with three hours per week of addiction counseling, along with psychiatric consultations and family sessions as needed. This level of treatment is suited for beginning to moderate addicts with professional and family obligations.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): The next level of addiction therapy requires 9 – 15 hours of treatment per week and provides a more comprehensive treatment plan. Therapeutic activities and sessions are usually offered during evenings and weekends so that patients can continue to fulfill work and family responsibilities during weekdays.

Why Choose Ashwood?

From the moment you arrive at Ashwood, our team of medical experts and addiction counselors will begin formulating a unique recovery. You’ll discover the benefits of our drug rehab programs include:
Individualized Care: From the moment you arrive at Ashwood, our team of medical experts and addiction counselors will begin formulating a unique recovery plan to meet your individual needs. The types of treatment you receive, the length of the program, and your weekly time commitment will all be adapted according to your history, health requirements, and lifestyle

  • Dual Diagnosis: The vast majority of addictions are caused in part by underlying mental health conditions. The diagnosis and integrated treatment of substance use disorder alongside any co-occurring mental or emotional conditions are key components in achieving successful recovery for our patients.
  • Affordability: At Ashwood, we will work with you to find the help you need according to your budget. We’ll call your health insurance company to negotiate the best coverage possible and offer traditional outpatient programs that are much more affordable than in-patient facilities.
  • Live at Home: We know that substance abuse does not define you. You have your own life and responsibilities to maintain, and addiction treatment should not be an obstacle. That’s why we provide different levels of treatment that allow you to continue living and sleeping at home while maintaining your work or family schedule.

Learn More About Our Approach

Many people picture drug rehab as a never-ending lineup of counseling sessions. While Ashwood does offer traditional substance abuse counseling, our rehab program is so much more than that:
Holistic care: From physical exercise and meditation to well-rounded nutrition, your whole-self wellness is integral to your emotional and physical health, as well as to your future success. These therapeutic activities are also important ingredients in any healthy, sober lifestyle.

  • Behavioral therapy: Clinically proven practices like cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management are designed to help patients identify their addictive behaviors and destructive patterns to make positive changes for the future.
  • Educational workshops and skill-building activities: Other life skills may be left by the wayside when you’re battling addiction. Through an assortment of educational classes and skill-building activities, you can learn how and why addiction occurs, how to rebuild and maintain relationships, control volatile emotions, and promote good health in all your endeavors. These are just a few of the many activities and classes.
  • Family therapy: Family is complicated. Your recovery success may require you to repair broken relationships, explore familial bonds, and rehash unpleasant family histories. Building a strong family support system could be the difference that helps you achieve long-term sobriety.
  • Relapse prevention: Finding constructive ways to cope with cravings and prevent relapse will become a part of your everyday existence in recovery. Rehab will teach you how.
  • Group therapy: Hearing about the addiction battles that others have gone through and recounting your own story are necessary to a healthy recovery journey. These practices will give you an objective insight into your past.

Find the Right Drug Rehab Program at Ashwood Recovery

Here at Ashwood Recovery, we provide completely individualized recovery plans. The cost of treatment at Ashwood Recovery is different for everyone and is based on their specific addiction, background, and mental health needs. However, we work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best possible coverage and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Also, more than half of our past patients reported having a coexisting mental health condition like depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Our dual diagnosis treatment can address this and treat your substance use disorder. Contact us by calling 888.341.3607 to find out more.