Learn why so many people, just like you, choose to come to Ashwood Recovery to discover their Day One in Recovery. What’s Your Day One?

All of our testimonials are Unpaid and from Actual Clients or Family Members of Clients who attended a treatment program at Ashwood Recovery. Some of the testimonials are from our amazing staff, who wanted to share their experiences as well.

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Brooke's Story
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Kelley's Story
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David's Story
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Terrill's Story
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Tim's Story
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Nicole's Story
"I can't even tell you how full my heart is from my experience with Ashwood recovery. The staff and my peers are the reason for my health today. They've loved and supported me though so many challenges and successes. Can't thank you enough!"
Kate N
"Wonderful staff and counselors. It's a great treatment center for those looking for a staff that truly cares. Looking for a group setting that really provides help in growth. I'd definitely recommend people to check ashwood out!"
Taylor B
"I am so grateful for Ashwood and their amazing staff! They have been a great resource for me and my family on this journey of sobriety. The intensive outpatient program was perfect for me. They offer family sessions on tuesdays which really help to explain to family members what you're going through. And gives them a chance to ask questions!"
Ryan Q
"It took me several times in and out of treatment before something finally stuck. Ashwood was always there willing to help and never gave up on me. I wouldn't be where I am at today without the help and support I received and continue to receive from them. They have the best staff and counselors around. I would recommend Ashwood to anyone!"
Jordan F
"Ashwood Recovery has been amazing. The staff genuinely cares and tailors a recovery program to fit my needs. I am very grateful to everyone there and recommend this program to anyone who needs help with addiction. Thank you so much Ashwood!"
Evan B
"Ashwood recovery assisted me with discovering a life free from addiction The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. I felt everone on the staff was committed to do any thing they could to help me in my journey. They worked with me and helped me uncover and admit some of my inner most fears and demons, in a safe non judgmental environment. They gave me knowledge of the chemistry and science behind addiction. Ashwood helped me gain the tools, confidence, and attitude to begin my sober life and actually like the person I see when I look in the mirror today."
Ezequiel J
"I credit Ashwood for giving me the foundation I needed to save my life. The staff and structure at their facility Is top notch."
Aaron T
"Ashwood Recovery provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere to connect with and process emotions, address difficult situations, and establish positive relationships with others. This facility uses a holistic approach and treats each person individually to provide the best possible care. Ashwood Recovery not only provides support for their clients but their families as well. I highly recommend Ashwood Recovery. "
Brittany H.