Family Counseling for Addiction in Boise, Idaho

At Ashwood Recovery we have taken great care to develop our family counseling program in Boise. There is no greater force in the world than family, and our goal is to empower families to overcome any disordered behavior and learn to help each other thrive. We are here to help families suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders and other traumas. We believe that counseling is the cure for sleepless nights, children forced to cover for their guardians, lying, and other painful scenarios that exist in families in crisis.

Ashwood Recovery holds a "family night" as part of our program to help the entire family system heal together. This increases the clients chances of success and is essential for the well being of the entire family. It has been amazing to see our families start to heal years of confusion, anger and resentment even after only a few hours of family work. Our team helps families recognize the need for each member to both work together, and to embark on their own journey of recovery.

If your family is dealing with disordered behavior, we can help! Call Ashwood Recovery today to learn more about the causes of addiction and other harmful family dynamics, and how our family counseling can start the recovery process for your family, and yourself, today.

Ashwood Family Healing Group

Learn more about our Family Healing Group and how Ashwood Recovery can help you and your family heal.

Family Healing Group