We’ve got heart, humility, conviction and we’re very inspired

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About Northpoint

Ashwood is a highly specialized drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Boise. We provide a level of care comparable to that of an inpatient facility while giving patients the flexibility to live at home and maintain their everyday obligations.

Our Story

Northpoint was founded by a small group of recovering addicts whose lives were once spiraling downwards as they battled substance addiction. At some point, they all either felt ashamed, isolated, or hopeless - Like they had hit rock bottom.

Similar to many others, they were made to feel that their addiction was due to a lack of willpower or self control. Fortunately they were put in contact with specialists and support groups that helped to change their perspectives.

They were challenged to go beyond their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol to address what was causing their addictions - the psychological factors. This is what really set them on their road to recovery and became the foundation of Northpoint’s treatment philosophy.

Today, they are a testimony to the fact that living sober, healthy, and happy lives is completely attainable. They appreciative just how fortunate they are to have beaten their addictions and strive to give help and hope to anyone fighting their own.

Since first opening its doors in Boise Idaho in 2009, Northpoint has opened 5 other locations in Pacific Northwest.

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we’ve got heart, humility, conviction and we’re very inspired

"I am extremely proud of what we have created at Northpoint Recovery, we get to do something we love and help people change their lives."

Our Services

Just taking away the drugs and alcohol won't solve the problem. This was said by Logan Stroud who is the Vice President of Corporate Development of Ashwood Recovery

Integrated Care

We offer 3 unique levels of care depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction, their schedule, and insurance coverage.

  • Substance Addiction
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Medical Care Needs

Our ultimate goal is to help our patients to learn how to avoid relapses and maintain long term sobriety. Individual recovery plans are designed to address each patient’s specific addiction, background, and mental health issues.

See Our Drug Rehab Program

We’ve found that the strategic mix of services included in our drug and alcohol rehab programs gives patients the foundation necessary to begin living a sober lifestyle.

Services Included

Coping with cravings and preventing relapse will be part of your everyday routine in recovery. In rehab, you can learn how to incorporate these mechanisms into the future.

When you’re battling addiction, other life skills may be left by the wayside. Through an assortment of educational classes and skill-building activities, you can learn about how and why addiction occurs, how to rebuild and maintain relationships, controlling volatile emotions, and how to promote good health in all your endeavors. These are just a few of many activities and classes that we offer.

More than 60% of those with substance use disorder also suffer from other co-occurring mental health conditions. Integrated treatment is the practice of treating both addiction and mental health conditions at the same time. Through integrated treatment, clinicians hope to assist you to learn how to cope with both conditions and establish a functional lifestyle.

Families can be complex. Recovery may necessitate mending damaged relationships, examining family bonds, or even navigating difficult family histories. Establishing a familial support system could be the change that helps you achieve long-term sobriety.

Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management are clinically proven to help patients change their addictive behaviors and destructive patterns.

Classes and skill-building activities cover such a wide range of subject matter that it would be difficult to name them all here, but some areas include learning about the science of addiction, stress and anger management, self care, communication, and how to build healthy relationships.

Sharing your story and hearing accounts about other patients' addiction battles is an integral component of the recovery journey. Process groups can help you see your own past from an open-minded perspective.

See Our Alcohol Detox Program

Need more information about our specific services? Speak to an addiction specialist today.

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Our Team

Executive Team

John Flanagan is CEO in Ashwood Recovery
John Flanagan


Erica Lopez, LCSW is Vice President, Idaho Market & Corporate Director of Clinical Services in Ashwood Recovery
Erica Lopez, LCSW

Vice President, Idaho Market & Corporate Director of Clinical Services

Logan Stroud is Vice President of Corporate Development in Ashwood Recovery
Logan Stroud

Vice President of Corporate Development

Teresa McClure, LPC, ACADC is Vice President of Start Up Operations in Ashwood Recovery
Teresa McClure, LPC, ACADC

Vice President of Start Up Operations

Stacey Shaw, DSW, LICSW, SUDP is Vice President, Washington Market in Ashwood Recovery
Stacey Shaw, DSW, LICSW, SUDP

Vice President, Washington Market

Nycole Thomas, BSN, RN is Vice President of Patient Services in Ashwood Recovery
Nycole Thomas, BSN, RN

Vice President of Patient Services

Julia H, MPH is Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management in Ashwood Recovery
Julia H, MPH

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Autumn Hornsby is Vice President of Human Resources in Ashwood Recovery
Autumn Hornsby

Vice President of Human Resources

Dawn W, MA, LPC, CADC is Vice President, Colorado Market in Ashwood Recovery

Vice President, Colorado Market

Mark Jones, LMHP is Vice President, Nebraska Market in Ashwood Recovery
Mark Jones, LMHP

Vice President, Nebraska Market

The Admissions Team

Whether you contact us by phone or message, you’ll be in contact with someone from our admissions team. Many of them are recovering addicts and have personally experienced the damaging effects that addiction can have on relationships, health, employment and finances. They also understand how intimidating taking the first step towards sobriety can be.

Evan B who is an admissions supervisor, Seam M who is an admissions specialist (alumni) and Zach P who is another admissions specialist (alumni) are the admissions team of Ashwood Recovery, and one of them say us something very special which is the following

“My goal is to reconnect them with their families, with their children, get their jobs back, get their lives back, because you lose all that when you’re out there using”

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Our Credentials

Your trust is critical to our success. Ashwood is very proud of the accreditations we’re received from following nationally recognized organizations:

We’re received the Gold Seal of Approval for our emphasis on quality of care and our continued devotion to patient safety

The Joint Commission Accreditation

Ashwood recovery have in Idaho the joint commissions accreditations which is a national quality approval
Ashwood recovery is a Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

We are one of the 1st addiction treatment centers to seek out, complete and share the results of an intensive Milliman study to assess our program and success rates. See Results

Alumni Testimonials

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I had a chance to meet the staff from Northpoint Seattle and I can honestly say these folks are passionate about what they do. The staff members at Northpoint Seattle bring much knowledge and experience with them and are more than ready to reach out to people struggling with addiction

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Toni D. B.

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The best outpatient care one can get, hands down. Caring and qualified staff, a private, new and clean facility. This model of outpatient saved my life, and having counselors that understood me and what I was going through made the difference (the majority are in recovery themselves) The facility is clean, new, and beautiful. This is the place to find recovery

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Seana M.

Our Addiction Recovery Stats

We are one of the 1st addiction treatment centers to seek out, complete and share the results of an intensive Milliman study to assess our program and success rates.

See Results

Uncertainty about the cost of rehab is often one of the biggest obstacles to getting help. We work with most major insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket costs. Curious if your provider offers coverage for you or a loved one?

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