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Heroin Rehab Center near Boise, ID

People at a heroin rehab center near Boise, ID

The United States has been in the grips of the opioid epidemic since the 1990s when there was a drastic increase in the number of opioids prescribed. Around 2010, heroin took center stage in the epidemic, as it was an inexpensive and easily accessible alternative for individuals who could no longer access prescription opioids but found themselves struggling with dependence on them. Like the rest of the nation, Idaho continues to battle the opioid epidemic. In 2021, there were 5,085 emergency room visits related to drug overdoses and 241 opioid-related deaths.1 In 2022, the opioid-related deaths in Idaho increased to 270.2

If you or a loved one struggles with heroin addiction, our heroin rehab center in Boise, ID, is here to help. Ashwood Recovery is committed to helping fight the opioid epidemic by providing comprehensive, individualized heroin addiction treatment in Boise, ID. Contact us online or call 888.341.3607 to speak with an intake specialist today.

Determining the Need for Heroin Addiction Treatment in Boise, ID

Heroin addiction is a severe, potentially life-threatening condition. Heroin is highly addictive and affects the body and brain in ways that can quickly result in physical and psychological dependence. If you or a loved one is using heroin, it is critical to recognize the signs of heroin addiction, which can include the following:

  • Developing a tolerance
  • Needing more heroin to produce the same effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using heroin
  • Having physical and psychological cravings for heroin
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work, or school
  • Withdrawal from family, friends, and previously enjoyed activities
  • A breakdown in personal and professional relationships
  • Spending most of the time finding, using, or recovering from using heroin
  • Experiencing financial or legal issues
  • An inability to stop using heroin despite the negative consequences

It is nearly impossible to break the cycle of heroin addiction without professional help from a program like that offered at Ashwood Recovery in Boise, ID. Outpatient treatment is not for everyone. Our intake specialists will help determine the program best suited to your needs. We work closely with inpatient treatment facilities and can serve as a step-down from such programs.

What Are the Benefits of a Heroin Rehab Program in Boise, ID?

Idaho ranks 28th in the nation for illicit drug use, other than marijuana, among ages 12 and older, with 18-25 year-olds being at the highest risk.3 Treatment for heroin addiction offers multiple benefits, the most critical of which is that it can save lives.

Other key benefits of a heroin rehab program in Boise, ID, include the following:

  • Breaking the cycle of addiction
  • Uncovering the underlying issues that contributed to addiction
  • Developing new habits and coping strategies
  • The opportunity to repair damaged relationships
  • Receiving therapy for past trauma
  • Learning how to establish healthy boundaries
  • Creating a supportive community of peers
  • Improving physical health
  • Receiving emotional and psychological support
  • Reducing the risk of overdose
  • Learning relapse prevention techniques

A specific benefit of Ashwood Recovery’s outpatient programs is the flexibility that allows patients to receive effective heroin addiction treatment while being able to maintain other commitments. The ultimate benefit of heroin addiction treatment in Boise, ID, is that it helps patients achieve a better quality of life without the negative consequences of addiction.

Find Effective Outpatient Treatment for Heroin Addiction at Ashwood Recovery in Boise, ID

Heroin use can have severe consequences, including overdose, physical and mental health problems, legal difficulties, isolation, housing and job insecurity, and death. Ashwood Recovery provides effective outpatient heroin addiction treatment utilizing evidence-based and holistic therapies.

As a city known for its high quality of life, urban amenities, outdoor adventure opportunities, and access to care, Boise provides an excellent environment for recovery. Here, patients and their families not only receive the best professional care but also find support from a community of peers who understand the difficulties of heroin addiction. Contact Ashwood Recovery online or call 888.341.3607 to learn how to change your life starting today.



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