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Ashwood Recovery is a private, highly specialized, substance abuse treatment center with locations in Boise and Nampa, Idaho.

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Addiction Counseling in Boise and Nampa, Idaho

Ashwood Recovery is here to help you and your loved ones overcome addiction, alcoholism and other disorders. Our counseling program has helped many in our community get their lives back. Call us now and start your journey to recovery today.

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Still Sober
Still Sober

Ashwood Recovery

An Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center That Puts You In Control

We specialize in helping adults, adolescents, and families affected by substance use, mental health and other disorders. We offer group therapy, individual counseling, drug and alcohol assessments, drug testing and referral services to inpatient treatment providers all over the United States. We accept most forms of insurance, credit cards, and private payment.

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What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is for those who have made it through more intensive treatment and are looking to step down, or for those who are dealing with less-destructive forms of addiction. It's a drug rehab program for those who want to improve their lives, but not give up a sense of normalcy.

When you get treatment at Ashwood Recovery, we work around your life. Many people who struggle with addiction are perfectly normal people with jobs, families and homes. Addiction can cause serious damage to each of those things, but if it hasn't yet, we want to help you preserve them. That means we tailor a program around your specific needs, but you keep living at home, spending time with your family, and taking care of your normal everyday responsibilities.



Our Facilities

(208) 906-0782

Our Rehab Facilities are located in Boise and Nampa, Idaho. We offer treatment sessions at various times of day to work with your schedule. Our programs take place at our facility with a licensed treatment professional.

Recovery That Fits into Your Schedule

Our evening programs have proven to be immensely successful in helping our clients and their families overcome addiction and related issues. Learn more about how you can find time in your schedule to start addiction recovery.

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You have questions about drug and alcohol rehab, and Northpoint Washington has answers. Our website aims to be the most comprehensive information tool for people in the NorthWest United States to learn about and overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Often, Insurance Has You Covered. There is no charge to apply for admission to Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue. We know that taking the first step to getting back in control is often the most difficult. The last thing we want to do is make it more difficult with an application fee. Get the process started today, and don't worry about payment or fees.

You can apply to get your drug rehab treatment started in a matter of minutes. If you're ready to take the first step, we make it as easy as possible with a straightforward process and as much support as you need.

At Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue, we are 100% Private and Confidential. If you're looking for help with addiction, you have nothing to be ashamed of. But that doesn't necessarily mean you want to shout your personal business from the rooftops. We understand that, and we respect your confidentiality. An application to Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue will stay between you and us.

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