Size Medium Wp Image 1003 AlignrightRecovery doesn’t stop when you leave our facility – we care about our alumni and would like to keep in touch and help you with your continued success in recovery.

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We aim to keep in contact with our alumni to provide important information and keep up with your recovery! Please sign up below to keep in touch with Ashwood! When you sign up as an Alumni you may receive: – Important Email Updates from Ashwood – Alumni Event Announcements – Satisfaction Surveys – And More!

Meet Cooper Lyons – Our Corporate Director of Alumni Services

Having a support system in recovery that I could rediscover life and fun with was vital to my own sobriety. From that support came lifelong friends that have been through all of the ups and downs of long term sobriety with each other. Coming into the new world of sobriety can be overwhelming and nothing makes it easier to handle than having people to lean on. Using tools like the alumni group, the alumni app and attending alumni events can give someone a huge jumpstart on building this recovery network. We don’t have to do it alone! | (208) 515-6317