Ashwood Staff

Executive Team

Photo of John Flanagan
John Flanagan


Photo of TJ Sturges, CPA, MA
TJ Sturges, CPA, MA

Corporate Director of Finance

Management Team

Photo of Evan B
Evan B

Corporate Director of Admissions

Photo of Amy H
Amy H

Utilization Review Manager

Photo of Danielle F
Danielle F

Manager of Outreach

Photo of Kelly M
Kelly M

Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy

Photo of Cooper Lyons
Cooper Lyons

Corporate Director of Alumni Services

Photo of Bret Q
Bret Q

Manager of Patient Experience

Photo of Bree L
Bree L

Billing Supervisor

Clinical Staff - Boise

Photo of JoLynn T, CADC
JoLynn T, CADC

Program Manager

Photo of Dan A, LPC, NCC

Lead Counselor

Photo of Jessica R, LMSW
Jessica R, LMSW

Primary Counselor

Photo of Glory W
Glory W

Associate Counselor

Photo of Adam S, LPC
Adam S, LPC

Primary Counselor

Photo of Derek A, PA
Derek A, PA

Physician Assistant Psych

Photo of Katelyn B, MSW
Katelyn B, MSW

Associate Counselor

Photo of RuthAnn H, LMSW
RuthAnn H, LMSW

Clinical Assessor

Photo of Dawn S, LMSW
Dawn S, LMSW

Associate Counselor

Photo of Faith P, LMSW
Faith P, LMSW

Assessment & Referral Supervisor

Clinical Staff - Nampa

Photo of Gaylee H, LCSW
Gaylee H, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Photo of Ben H
Ben H

Adolescent Case Manager for Imagine

Photo of Dakotah C, LMSW
Dakotah C, LMSW

Imagine Lead Counselor

Photo of Daniel G, LMSW
Daniel G, LMSW

Adolescent Program Manager for Imagine

Photo of Stephanie H, LCSW
Stephanie H, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor for Imagine

Photo of Michael L, LCSW
Michael L, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Photo of Derek A, PA
Derek A, PA

Physician Assistant Psych

Photo of Adisson R
Adisson R

Case Manager

Photo of Michael C
Michael C

Imagine Instructor

Photo of Lynnette K, CNP
Lynnette K, CNP

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Marissa G, LPN
Marissa G, LPN

Nursing Staff

Office and Administrative Staff

Photo of Lauren H
Lauren H

Sr. Recruiter

Photo of Whitney M
Whitney M

Assistant Director of Operations & HIPAA Compliance Officer

Photo of Levi S
Levi S


Photo of Sean M
Sean M


Photo of Zach P
Zach P


Photo of Mike S
Mike S


Photo of Amanda A
Amanda A


Photo of Michael C
Michael C

Admissions Supervisor

Photo of Sue C
Sue C

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Erika P
Erika P

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Mike M
Mike M

Frontline Outreach Manager

Photo of Keith D, CADC
Keith D, CADC

Outreach Specialist

Photo of Kelly D
Kelly D

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Leah R
Leah R

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Tanner S
Tanner S


Photo of Jennifer R
Jennifer R

Payroll Specialist

Photo of Jennifer V
Jennifer V

Administrative Supervisor

Photo of Melissa C
Melissa C

Alumni Coordinator