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PROMISE: Mental Health Treatment in Boise, Idaho

Designed specifically for clients who need to continue the stabilization process after leaving an inpatient care (detox) program, Ashwood Recovery’s Promise is a highly structured and personalized outpatient program for people whose primary diagnosis is mental health-related.

Promise is run as a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), offering professional clinical treatment to those with acute psychotic and severe mental health issues, and who require intensive day hospitalization to help them transition back into a more independent lifestyle.

The treatment provides:

  • Mental health education
  • Trauma work
  • Experiential activities
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga/Thai Chi
  • Skill building
  • Process group
  • Goal building and evaluation, and
  • Music therapy

We are not only a brick-and-mortar mental health facility in Boise, ID. We’re also online!