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The Benefits of Substance Abuse Therapy in a Group Setting

People experiencing the benefits of substance abuse therapy

When seeking treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD) such as alcoholism or addiction to illicit or prescription drugs, several treatment options can prove particularly effective. Group therapy treatment is one of the best tools to help people struggling with SUDs. The benefits of substance abuse therapy in a group setting can be valuable to people seeking to maintain sobriety. Call 888.341.3607 to speak with someone from Ashwood Recovery about our addiction group therapy options.

About Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Group therapy is when several people facing similar issues are brought together. Participants can discuss challenges common to the group within a safe, controlled therapeutic atmosphere.

Most addiction treatment centers include group therapy as part of the treatment plan. It is used in conjunction with individual counseling and other programs. Several benefits can arise from professionally-supervised group therapy. Before considering those benefits, you must understand how addiction group therapy works.

How to Find Group Therapy for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

If you’re interested in finding an addiction therapy group, you can check out local meetings of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You can find groups in your local area through the AA or NA websites. With these groups, you don’t need to sign up or register. Attending a certain number of sessions or other obligations is not required.

Many drug rehab clinics also feature groups as part of treatment. It will be part of your program to overcome addiction.

What to Expect from Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

First, everyone will probably state their names so you can get to know each person. They may talk about what led them to the group or their addiction. Attending these meetings will teach you more about how addiction affects others and what issues they face.

Sometimes, these groups may have a special speaker who could be an expert but is more likely another addict who has been in recovery for some time. You can learn from their experiences. You’ll get to know the other attendees and develop friendships. You may even maintain contact with those you connect with outside the group. It’s good to have someone you can call on when you’re struggling with a craving or dealing with a problem that leads to the desire to use.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Therapy in a Group Setting

There are numerous benefits to group addiction therapy that you should consider when determining where and how you will get treatment for your problem, such as the following.


Participants learn—often to their surprise—that others understand their struggles because they share them. The discovery of these common bonds often serves as a basis for ongoing supportive mutual relationships that each person can draw upon for strength and inspiration when they feel overwhelmed or tempted to resume alcohol or drug use.


In a group setting among their peers, participants find that they can speak freely about their problems without being judged. Often, simply by being able to voice what is bothering them, the person speaking can solve their problems. Even when they can’t, someone in the group may have faced something similar and can offer a helpful suggestion.


Sometimes, people cannot find a solution to a problem because they’re too close or emotionally involved to see the best option. Talking about common issues in front of peers and asking for feedback can provide new perspectives the person may never have considered.


Mutual accountability is essential to a successful recovery because sometimes a person in recovery will go to extreme lengths to avoid letting down their peers by returning to drinking or using. In addition, someone who is seen as the mentor will feel more responsibility to maintain their recovery because others are watching them and counting on them to be a role model.

Find Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Idaho at Ashwood Recovery

Ashwood Recovery offers one of the premier outpatient addiction recovery programs in Idaho. We extensively use group therapy and other recovery techniques to attack the disease of addiction on multiple levels. Contact Ashwood Recovery today at 888.341.3607 to learn more.