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Finding Free Addiction Resources in Boise, Idaho

Like every other city in the United States, Boise, Idaho, is not without drug and alcohol addiction.  Places such as Northpoint Recovery and Ashwood Recovery offer inpatient and outpatient treatment options for those who are ready to commit to a program for drug and alcohol treatment, but facilities are just one part of the recovery equation. Those who have recovered from drug and alcohol addiction in Boise, need a place to go after they’ve left places like Northpoint Recovery or Ashwood Recovery.  They need resources. Furthermore, families of those who suffer from addiction need places to turn as well.  Programs for meetings for everyone who have been touched by addiction are essential to the recovery process.

I can’t go to a recovery facility, where can I turn for help to get sober in Boise?

If you’ve left a stellar drug and alcohol rehab in Boise such as Northpoint Recovery or Ashwood Recovery, you are well educated about where you can turn for help.  If for some reason, facilities such as these are not the route for you, you need a different type of resource. While programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Boise, remain the best opportunity for recovery; there are additional programs where people can show you the path to sobriety.  In fact, there are many helpful addiction resources in Boise, Idaho. Not everyone is lucky enough to exit a program with a list of places to turn for help.  If you are in need of resources to help with your addiction struggles, or if you need a place to go to learn how to find a good program for drug and alcohol rehab in Boise, Idaho, AA meetings are a great place to start. Searching Idaho Area 18 for AA meetings can give you a comprehensive list of meetings. While you are searching, it is important to understand the nomenclature and what the different types of meetings entail.  You will see a key for each meeting.

  • O—This is an open meeting where both alcoholics and their families are welcome.

  • C—This is a closed meeting. The group asks that only those who suffer from addiction attend closed meetings.

At each meeting, a different agenda can be upheld.  That agenda may require different materials.  The following is a list of different types of agendas:

  • BB—Big Book, the book the alcoholic use at their meetings

  • BS—Big Book Step Study—The Big Book and the 12 Step Book are studied at this meeting

  • D—Discussion

  • SD—Speaker and Discussion

  • BG—Beginner

If you do not have the AA books, you should without a doubt still go to a meeting.  They are not necessary.  They are just supplemental materials that some people feel are helpful.  It is not school, and you will not get in trouble for forgetting your books. The books offer great insight into other peoples’ experiences and triumphs as well as advice for coping with recovery.  AA is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to begin the decision to seek sobriety as well as for anyone who is looking to maintain sobriety.

What are some resources for families who have a loved one who needs drug and alcohol rehab in Boise, Idaho?

Al-Anon is a great support for families who have been affected by addiction.  It’s what is known as a “mutual” support group.  Essentially, that means that people with like problems come together to help one another.   Like AA, Al-Anon is a 12-steps group that encourages members to trust their “Higher Power”. Members work their 12-steps in an effort to regain control of the chaos that addiction has caused them.  They put themselves and their own needs at the center of their recovery in hopes of moving on from or restoring relationships with loved ones who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know needs support dealing with a loved one who suffers from alcohol and drug addiction in Boise, there are many Al-Anon meetings throughout the city.  Some types of meetings that are available are:

  • Boise—Early Bird Meeting

  • Meridian—Keep it Simple Meeting

  • Nampa—Beginners Al-Anon Meeting

  • Boise—Newcomers Meeting

  • Eagle—Noon Newcomers Meetings

  • Nampa—Book Discussion Meeting

These are by no means the only types of meetings.  There are many different types of meetings for people in need of assistance, and there is without a doubt a meeting that can work for you! Addiction is a perplexing illness to cope with.  If you are suffering from addiction, or if you are adversely affected by someone else’s habit, there are many addiction resources in Boise, Idaho.  Finding the right people and the right resource can make a positive impact on recovery.  Don’t wait; seek out those who want to help now!  You are not alone.