Individual Counseling for Addiction in Boise, Idaho

Individual Addiction Counseling in Idaho has long been used to help those with addictive, mental health and behavioral disorders. These sessions are utilized to help our clients explore the root causes of their addiction. Our individual counseling services in Boise are included for everyone who attends counseling programs at Ashwood Recovery. These sessions are held once a week, and allow our clients the opportunity to develop trust and gain insight into themselves. The importance of this counseling is paramount to our program, and it is not uncommon for our clients to continue individual sessions following the completion of their Boise alcohol treatment, drug rehab or IOP level of care.

Each client who attends a program at Ashwood is assigned a counselor from our staff of diversified individuals of varying backgrounds, ages, counseling styles and personal experiences. Each client is specifically matched with a counselor who can best meet their individual needs. Our Boise addiction counselors are also available for family sessions. For more information about individual counseling, please feel free to contact us.

We also provide individual counseling for those who are looking for additional support while addressing interpersonal issues.

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