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Addiction Resources in Lewiston, Idaho

Lewiston, Idaho sits right next to the state border with Washington, and has historical roots tracing back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. But unlike Lewis and Clark, addiction has stuck around in Lewiston, no matter how much people want it to leave.

The end result of addiction is always that people get hurt. It can be financially, physically, and emotionally, and it can happen to anyone around the addicted person. But you don't have to let addiction beat you or your family. If you're in the 83501 zip code of Lewiston, Idaho, these are resources for your to help beat your addiction.

What Does Addiction in Lewiston, ID Do to People?

Addiction is the root cause for many relationship problems, legal trouble, and even health issues. The stronger the pull, the more intense these symptoms get, and the more people are negatively affected by it.

Methamphetamines are one of many substances that have posed a major addiction problem across the country, and Lewiston is no exception. Some of the symptoms of meth abuse, according to drugabuse.gov, include:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Changes in brain structure and function
  • Deficits in thinking and motor skills
  • Memory loss
  • Aggressive or violent behavior
  • Severe dental problems
  • Weight loss

This is just a few of the problems associated with just one form of substance abuse. That's not taking into account the damage that addiction does to the people around you. But you can stop the downward spiral and get back to freedom. Here's how you can get help.

Get Government Assistance With Your Healthcare and Recovery

You're concerned about your addiction, but you're also concerned about the cost to fix it. That's understandable, but you can get help with both problems. Go to https://www.healthcare.gov/ and find out how you can get assistance. There are laws in place to help you.

To answer questions about healthcare coverage, check out gov. The Affordable Care Act has provisions to help people suffering from addiction, and this page details some of them. It also contains links with other relevant information.

Online Support Groups Can Help from Anywhere

Don't let a busy schedule keep you chained to your addiction. You can get help no matter where you are.

NA's website has lots of information as well as discussion boards for people to discuss their addictions at any time.

You can find a number of online groups at Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) for conditions ranging from substance addiction to eating disorders. This is great for those who are looking for a support group that isn't specifically spiritually-based.

You can also find AA groups online. There are a number of ways to get support from these groups, depending on how you'd most like to talk to someone.

There Are NA Meetings in Lewiston, Idaho

NA's message is that “an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live.” NA follows a similar 12-step program to AA, and has also helped countless people regain control of their lives. See what meetings are available in the Lewiston and Spokane, Washington area, and start breaking your addiction. Your life can be in your own control once again.

AA Meetings in Lewiston, Idaho for You

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, continues to save lives with their 12-step program. AA's system is proven to be effective, and membership is free. You can find AA meetings in Lewiston to attend by finding your location on this list. Consider an addiction assessment if you suspect you might be addicted, so you can start getting the treatment you need.

Get to Al-Anon Meetings in Lewiston, Idaho

Addiction is difficult for everyone, not just the person suffering directly. That's why Al-Anon exists to help family and friends of addicted people cope and better support their loved ones. You can find Al-Anon meetings in Lewiston here.

Alateen meetings in Lewiston are also included. Alateen is the part of Al-Anon for teens who have parents or other loved ones with an addiction problem.

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