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Heyburn, ID Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guide

Heyburn Addiction Rehab Resources

There are addiction recovery resources in Heyburn available to anyone who needs them. It doesn’t matter what your story is, there is support for you. Whether you need to stay at home or feel the need to enter into inpatient rehab, you have options. We have created this addiction resource guide for Heyburn so you can decide what’s right for you.

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Addiction Rehab Options in Heyburn, ID

Inpatient rehab is one of the best program available. You immerse yourself in a 28-day program where you live in a residence. The treatment you get is personalized and determined based on an assessment you’ll take when you enter inpatient rehab. 

PHP is a program you can take once rehab is completed. If you have a complex disorder like a cross addiction or dual diagnosis, PHP may be recommended to you. It’s also useful for those who aren’t ready to go home or don’t have the support they need. You will stay in sober living and take part in treatments of your choosing.

Outpatient programs are flexible and allow you to stay at home during the rehab process. An Intensive Outpatient Program will offer you greater care in an addiction facility. You still get to go home every night and treatments can be worked around your schedule. 

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Our Idaho Addiction Treatment Centers

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Heyburn, ID Detox Centers

Detox is your first step in the recovery process. It involves abstaining from the substance of abuse. This brings on withdrawal symptoms that can be more easily managed when you go through professional detox. There is both holistic and medical detox available to make the process safer and more comfortable for you. 

Our Rehab Facility

There are two Ashwood Recovery outpatient facilities in Idaho. 

Heyburn to our Boise clinic is a 3-hour drive. 

Our Closest Outpatient Location:

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

Recovery Meetings In Heyburn, ID

Addiction recovery meetings in Heyburn are recommended for long term success. It’s a supportive environment designed to keep you motivated for sobriety. There are support groups for your family through Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Alateen also.


8:00 pm
Rupert Group
White Building behind Trinity Episcopal
710 6th St
Rupert, ID


6:30 pm
Oats Family Center
911 South Highway 30
Heyburn, ID

The closest Al-Anon meeting to Heyburn is in Buhl.


8:00 pm
Serenity Seekers
Methodist Church
908 Maple St 
Buhl, ID

Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

Inpatient rehab offers a high level of support, treatments, and care. It’s not right for everyone however. If you don’t have the time or money, there are Intensive Outpatient Programs with treatments that are similar to an inpatient program. They cost less and allow you to stay at home during rehab.

We at Ashwood Recovery care about your recovery. Our programs are designed to give you the tools and support you need to get past your addiction. We offer the most up-to-date methods for addiction recovery. Our specialized staff is compassionate and offer you unlimited support throughout the process of recovery. Call us today and we can help you on your journey.

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