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Evaluations and Addiction Assessments in Idaho – Ashwood Recovery

Addiction Assessments in Boise, Idaho at Ashwood Recovery

Getting an addiction assessment is the most important part of your admission process. It is through this assessment that a decision will be made to provide you with addiction treatment. Understanding the type of addiction you have, and the level of care you need is the most crucial component of your admission, and it's important to get the right information.

Addiction Assessments in Boise, Idaho: Why is this Step Necessary?

The goal of providing you with an addiction assessment is to ensure that you receive the proper level of care for your addiction. It is important to identify any areas of concern, and it is helpful to know what has contributed to your addictive behaviors. Getting this information will allow us to understand the underlying cause behind your addiction so that the root issues can be treated. You may have another condition, such as a mental health condition that is co-occurring with your addiction. This is data that's needed before your treatment plan can be created.

Addiction Screening in Boise, Idaho: How Do Addiction Assessments Work?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides many excellent examples of addiction assessments if you're curious about what you're going to experience when you have one. However, they are truly nothing to be concerned about. You'll be asked a series of questions about your addiction, your behaviors, and any other issues you might be facing. Some examples of commonly asked addiction assessment questions might include:

  • What are your drinking and drug use habits like?
  • How much and how often do you drink or use drugs?
  • During which period of your life would you say that you were using drugs or alcohol most frequently?
  • During that time period, how often did you drink or use drugs, and how much did you use at that time?
  • Is there anyone in your life who objects to your drug or alcohol use?
  • Were there any problems that were caused in your life because of your substance use?

It's important to go to an addiction treatment center that utilizes the best tools for addiction assessment because getting a thorough result is vital.

After Your Addiction Assessment in Boise, Idaho

Perhaps you required an addiction assessment because you were interested in getting started with alcohol or drug treatment in Boise, Idaho. Or, it's possible that you needed to have one completed because you needed it for a court case, or because your employer requested that you have one completed. Either way, here at Ashwood Recovery, we can provide you with an excellent addiction assessment that will be accepted by outside agencies, courts, custody officials and employers.

If you're interested in utilizing your addiction assessment to determine what level of addiction treatment would be right for you, we can help you with that as well. Please contact us to learn more.

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