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Protect Your Recovery for The Holidays – A Message From Our Founder

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy holiday season.  The holidays are a time of year where alcohol and sometimes drugs, are incorporated into events.  Many of our clientele report feeling “left out” of the festivities when attending non-recovery related social commitments.  I encourage all recovering people to have a holiday “safety plan” in place to help get through the holidays clean and sober.  Here are a few tips I use with clients and in my own recovery.

  • Always have an exit strategy.  I encourage those going into any situation where drugs or alcohol may be present, to drive themselves.  That way if things get uncomfortable or unsafe, you can leave.
  • Check your motives for going to the event.  If you are unsure, call your sponsor or a part of your support network.
  • Maintain control of your own beverage.  People grabbing the wrong cup or handing you the wrong drink can happen, so be vigilant.
  • Find out what 12-step holiday events are happening wherever you are.  Most areas have 24-hour marathon meeting events running during the holidays for support.  Look online or call your local central office to find out.
  • Take a friend in recovery with you.  If you have to attend a work function or event you are uncomfortable with, take a friend in recovery for support.
  • Most of all, remember you are not alone.  Millions of Americans are in recovery and enjoying the holidays clean and sober.  So, keep that in mind and try to enjoy yourself.