Cold Medicine and Cough Syrup Addiction and Abuse Resource Guide

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Cold medicines sold over the counter (OTC) are largely considered to be safe. Those who are sick can take these medications without causing harm to their body. When taken like the instructions suggest, the dosage is safe.  When used correctly, OTC cold medicines are effective in the management of cold or flu symptoms. Prescription

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An In-Depth Guide About Heroin Withdrawals and Detox

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Heroin withdrawal can be a scary process. Maybe you’ve heard stories from opiate addicts that have gone through it. People who detox from opioids often experience intense nausea, stomach cramping, severe anxiety and insomnia among other symptoms. It’s no wonder, then, that the prospect of withdrawing can be quite intimidating. The mere thought of

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Understanding Why Heroin is So Addictive and How to Help an Addict

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You may have read stories about heroin addiction, and you wonder why is heroin so addictive? A common belief about this drug is that it is in a class of drugs all by itself.  Heroin has the status of superpower. Dangerous and powerful, heroin is considered to be one of the most addictive of all

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The Benefits of Group Therapy During Addiction Recovery

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When a person is seeking treatment for a substance abuse disorder such as alcoholism or addiction to illicit or prescription drugs, there are a number of treatment options that, when used in combination, can prove particularly effective. One of the “tried and true” tools that a professional addiction counselor uses to help people struggling with

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Addictive Personality: Can You Really Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

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“Addictive personality is not an actual psychiatric diagnosis. Personalities are very complex, and while there’s not one specific type that’s more prone to addiction than others, there are several factors that can combine to make you more likely to become addicted.” ~  Dr. Michael Weaver, MD, Medical Director, Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addiction,

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Harm Reduction Strategies—Good or Bad for Recovery?

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Read any article about the continuing drug addiction and overdose public health crisis, and you may see a term that you’re not familiar with – “harm reduction”. And if substance abuse has touched your life or the life of someone you care about, you will want to become familiar with this controversial concept.

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Modafinil Abuse: Rethinking Use of “Smart” Prescription Drugs

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Modafinil (Provigil) may be a narcolepsy drug, but a growing number of people are misusing the medication with ulterior motives. Drug abuse and addiction are serious public health issues that affect just about every community and family in one way or another. Rates of drug use and addiction in America have been increasing substantially for

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