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How to Find the Best Therapist in Boise for Your Needs

a person talks to a Therapist in boise

There are a plethora of addiction treatment programs available. Online resources are plentiful, with many 12-step programs even offering virtual meetings. The wealth of choices may be overwhelming for some, and it may be challenging to determine which approach would work best for you. Sometimes, it may be best to discuss your treatment program with an experienced professional to make the most of the available resources. If you’re in Idaho, finding a therapist in Boise can help you find relief from your mental health symptoms.

At Ashwood Recovery, we know that each patient is unique and that each treatment plan should be tailor-fit to ensure the best chance of success. Our friendly and experienced staff can offer a wide variety of different therapies that can best address your needs. If you or a loved one is searching for therapy-based, holistic addiction treatment, contact us at 888.341.3607 today to learn about our offerings.

What to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Facility

There are many factors involved in choosing the right recovery facility. The most important is finding a facility that can provide effective recovery therapy using evidence-based therapies and post-treatment care to ensure lifelong sobriety. There are various evidence-based therapies that can help in recovery. Here are some to look for:

  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • PTSD and trauma therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

There is no cookie-cutter solution for addiction that would work for everyone. Looking for a treatment center that believes in individualized recovery programs is essential. Focusing on each patient’s unique needs increases the chance of successful recovery and long-term maintenance.

How to Find the Best Therapist for You

When looking for the right therapist to assist in the recovery journey, a stellar track record is something that can immediately put a patient at ease. Trusting that the therapist in charge of a patient’s care has enough experience and is highly regarded by previous patients can remove any lingering misgivings.

Accreditations are also an excellent way to ensure that the therapist’s patients receive quality care. Always ensure that the treatment facility employs only qualified professionals with excellent credentials and the requisite experience.

Lastly, look for therapists that have a history of treating dual diagnoses. It is common for most substance abuse disorders to have co-occurring mental health disorders. Simultaneously treating patients for both disorders results in a more successful recovery.

Ashwood Recovery Works With the Best Therapists in Boise, Idaho

At Ashwood Recovery, we work with some of the best therapists in Boise. Our qualified staff is experienced in holistic recovery and healing in our conveniently located treatment facility. We offer evidence-based therapies that equip our patients with a sober mindset that leads to a new sober lifestyle.

Because we believe in lifelong sobriety, we also offer excellent aftercare programs and alumni support groups. Ashwood Recovery also provides relapse prevention therapies so we can be with patients through every step of their treatment, from recovery to aftercare.

Get an Addiction Treatment Program at Ashwood Recovery

There are also more practical considerations when looking for the right treatment center. Not every person has the same budget in terms of time or finances. Some patients do not have the luxury of dropping everything in order to focus on recovery. With this in mind, Ashwood Recovery has a variety of programs to fit each client’s needs, such as:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs

If you are looking for a place to provide you or your loved one with an individualized treatment program with the best standard of care, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888.341.3607 today.