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Fun Things to Do Now That You’re Sober

Congratulations – you are newly clean and sober and you are ready to embrace all that Boise, Idaho has to offer! Recovery promises a better life, and because you are putting in the work, you are ready to realize the benefits of that promise.

Fun Things to Do Now That You’re Sober

If you are like most people who are new in recovery, sobriety has brought with it a radical shift in your social/recreational life. You probably have more time on your hands and never before, and you are looking for a positive way to fill up that time. You learned that boredom can be a trigger, but you were also taught early on to avoid the people, places, and things that might act as triggers that could put your sobriety at risk. Unfortunately, that probably includes many of the things you used to think of as “fun”. Happily, life in Boise, Idaho is chock-full of many positive activities and possibilities that do not have to involve drugs or alcohol. With an open mind and a willing spirit, you will find yourself having adventures that are far more interesting and fulfilling than anything you’ve experienced when you were in active addiction. One caveat – this list is only intended to serve as an inspiring spark fuel your imagination, but it is by no means exhaustive. As you readjust to an alcohol-free and drug-free life, you will discover an awakening sense of creativity and curiosity – not just about Boise, Idaho, but about the rest of the world. Go with that feeling! The greatest journeys can start with baby steps.

Rediscover the City

You may have lived in Boise, Idaho, your whole life, but when is the last time you really just went traipsing around? You are no longer controlled by your addiction, so where you go is up to you. Sure, you can hit the well-known touristy points of interest – the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, for example – but why not just wander the neighborhood’s a bit? You may find little hidden gems that you never knew existed.

  • Coffeehouses – Boise, Idaho, has a large number of eclectic, one-of-a-kind little coffee shops where you can stroll in and have a cup of ambrosia that is much better than anything served at a 12-Step meeting. Many also have specific nights designated for live entertainment – open mic poetry readings or jazz from local musicians.
  • Cafés – As you rediscover your health, you might be surprised to find that you also rediscover your hunger. Boise, Idaho, has a lot more to offer than the late-night fast food joints you may be used to. Make it a point to treat yourself to lunch once a week – it’s less expensive than dinner and alcohol is usually a lot less prevalent in the middle of the day.
  • Zoo Boise – Idaho has its own world-class zoo located in Julia Davis Park, and you will be delighted to learn how much serenity and childlike joy there is to be gained from a visit. It’s inexpensive, it’s a wonderful experience perfect for any occasion, whether you want to walk around alone, take a date, or bring your family. Year-round activities include Zoobilee, Spooktacular, Boo at the Zoo, and Claus ‘N Paws.

Get Out and About

The exact geographic location of Boise, Idaho, makes it an ideal place to get outdoors and active. As your body heals, you will begin having more energy, and this is how you can burn it off. There are many enjoyable and healthy physical activities that can get your blood moving and your heart pumping.

  • Bogus Basin – If you like hiking, snowshoeing, tubing, or skiing, this is the place for you! Open from the middle of November through the middle of April, Bogus Basin offers 3000 acres and over 37000 trails.
  • Idaho Botanical Garden – When you want to escape from the pressures of your everyday life, you can relax here, surrounded by the natural beauty of several specialty gardens, each with its own unique theme. There are several activities offered each season, including a Fall Bird Walk, a Scarecrow Stroll, and even a Rock and Soul Review.
  • The Greenbelt – One of Boise, Idaho’s hidden treasures, the Greenbelt has over 30 miles of trails, parks, and other points of interest for every taste. Whether you like to bike, hike, view wildlife, or just go on a picnic, you will surely find something for you. Annual highlights include the Art in the Park and the Idaho Shakespeare Festivals.

Enrich Yourself

Finally, there is any number of opportunities in Boise, Idaho, for you to improve, educate, or educate yourself. The best part? You only have to participate in those things that interest you. This is a fantastic chance for you to re-create the new, sober YOU. Some suggestions:

  • Get a library card
  • Join a gym
  • Take classes at the local Y
  • Study a language
  • Enroll in a class, either online or at Boise State University
  • Volunteer – Give back by picking a cause you are passionate about, and invest your time.

Take all of these suggestions or take none of them, the point is this – there is an immense joy to be found in recovery, and it doesn’t even take much effort to find it. According to many third-party rankings, such as Forbes, Simple Moving Labor, CNN Money, Triathlete,, and both Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines, Boise, Idaho is one of the best places to live in the United States. Now that you’re sober, it’s time you start enjoying.