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Find an Alcohol Rehab Program in Boise, ID

Person in an alcohol rehab in Boise, ID

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a significant public health issue in the United States. According to the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 29.5 million Americans ages 12 and older had AUD in the past year.1 In Idaho, 11% of adults ages 18 to 25 and 3% of youth ages 12 to 17 meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder.2

AUD is a complex disease that typically has deep-rooted causes. It is essential to note that AUD occurs on a spectrum ranging from mild to severe, and not everyone with problematic alcohol use meets the criteria for a diagnosis of AUD.

If you or a loved one needs an alcohol rehab program in Boise, ID, Ashwood Recovery can help. Our intake specialists can help identify where you fall on the AUD spectrum and recommend the alcohol rehab program in Idaho that’s best suited to your needs. Contact our team online or call 888.341.3607 today to learn more about outpatient alcohol addiction treatment.

Why Are Alcohol Rehab Programs in Idaho Necessary?

Identifying the need for an alcohol rehab program in Idaho involves recognizing the signs and symptoms that can indicate a problematic relationship with alcohol, which can include the following:

  • Loss of control – Individuals struggling with AUD find it challenging to control their drinking and may repeatedly try and fail to cut down or quit
  • Increased tolerance – Over time, individuals may develop a tolerance to alcohol, requiring more of it to achieve the desired effects, which can lead to increased or more frequent drinking
  • Preoccupation with alcohol – Spending a significant amount of time thinking about, obtaining, and consuming alcohol that may interfere with daily activities and responsibilities
  • Withdrawal symptoms – Having physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms when not drinking
  • Social and interpersonal issues – AUD can lead to strained relationships with friends and family and withdrawal from social activities
  • Neglecting responsibilities – Individuals struggling with AUD may neglect their duties at home, school, or work
  • Loss of interest in hobbies – People struggling with AUD may prioritize drinking over other pursuits, interests, or activities
  • Physical and mental health issues – AUD can lead to a range of health issues, including liver disease, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular issues

Individuals struggling with AUD will continue to drink even when faced with negative consequences. If you or a loved one is experiencing these signs and symptoms, it is crucial to seek professional help.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab in Boise

In Idaho, the rates of impaired driving and alcohol-induced mortality are on the rise, and the alcohol-induced mortality rate is consistently higher than the national average. The most significant benefit of alcohol rehab in Boise is reducing the risk of alcohol-induced mortality.

Outpatient treatment for AUD provides numerous other benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility and accessibility – Outpatient treatment allows patients to access treatment while maintaining their daily routines and responsibilities, including work, school, and family commitments
  • Community support – Outpatient treatment allows patients to receive support within their community, including 12-step programs and other community-based programs
  • Family involvement – Outpatient programs encourage family support and offer family therapy and educational programs
  • Customized treatment plans – Outpatient programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual
  • Continued professional and educational pursuits – Outpatient rehab allows patients to continue their professional or educational objectives, minimizing disruptions to their careers or academic progress

While outpatient alcohol rehab in Boise has numerous benefits, it is essential to note that the appropriate level of treatment depends upon the severity of AUD and each individual’s needs and circumstances. At Ashwood Recovery, our intake specialists provide a thorough assessment to determine the best level of care.

Find an Alcohol Rehab in Boise at Ashwood Recovery

When you choose alcohol rehab in Boise at Ashwood Recovery, we help you uncover the root causes of your struggles with alcohol. Call 888.341.3607 or contact our team online to begin your recovery journey today.



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