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Young People Ask Questions About Drugs

Drug Questions from Young People

It's normal for teenagers, and even for those who are quickly approaching their teenage years, to have questions about drugs and drug addiction. Getting the answers they need is the best way to inform them and empower them to make good decisions for their futures. Let's talk about some of the most frequently asked questions teenagers ask about drugs and addiction.

If I use marijuana, does that mean I'm probably going to end up using other drugs too?

Studies have shown that marijuana isn't necessarily a gateway drug, most people who use other types of drugs began with trying marijuana. Using marijuana exposes you to people to will most likely try to get you to use other drugs.

What types of drugs should I be most concerned about?

You probably think of drugs like crystal meth, heroin and cocaine as being the drugs you should be the most worried about. These drugs are dangerous, but using any type of drug can ability lead to addiction. It's best to steer clear of them all.

What are the most commonly abused drugs among teenagers?

Legal drugs (such as prescription medications) can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs, and they're often much easier to obtain. In fact, drugs like Vicodin, Adderall and OxyContin are the most commonly used drugs among teenagers after marijuana.

Is it possible for me to be too young to become addicted to drugs?

It is possible to become addicted to drugs at any age, and this is a proven fact. For example, mothers who are addicted to drugs during pregnancy generally give birth to babies who have addictions as well. You're not too young to become addicted, but the younger you are when you start using drugs, the higher the chance that you will form an addiction.

Marijuana is so commonly used among teenagers. Can it really be all that bad?

Marijuana is a plant, and you've probably read articles talking about how beneficial it can be. A lot of the material that's available makes it sound like marijuana isn't really all that dangerous. Unfortunately, that material is misleading. Many teenagers are currently in addiction treatment with marijuana addiction as their diagnosis. The health risks associated with marijuana addiction are very real.

How can I get help for my drug addiction?

If you're a teenager who has a drug addiction, you don't need to try to quit using drugs on your own. Here at Ashwood Recovery, we offer a wonderful, professional support system for you that will give you the tools you need to quit safely.