Ashwood Recovery Testimonials

As a licensed marriage and family counselor and addiction specialist my experience with Ashwood Recovery has been that it is a life changing experience for clients. Ashwood offers a full range of services including family and marriage counseling. The program is tailored to meet individual recovery needs. Clients gain an understanding of addiction and meet others who provide support through a difficult challenge.

Marilyn T.

Ashwood is not only an outpatient treatment facility; but additionally an environment for one to grow, seek change, make friends, and experience true life changing events as long as they remain willing. This type of opportunity and environment is irreplaceable for those who are ready to chase after true changes in life!

Erica L.

Without a doubt, the best outpatient program I've ever seen.

Jason Z.

Ben and the staff at Ashwood are true professionals in their ability to truly help people heal.

Andy L.

Great compassionate staff, wonderful facility. 10/10

Alex H.

Ashwood Recovery provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere to connect with and process emotions, address difficult situations, and establish positive relationships with others. This facility uses a holistic approach and treats each person individually to provide the best possible care. Ashwood Recovery not only provides support for their clients but their families as well. I highly recommend Ashwood Recovery.

Brittany H.

Ashwood is amazing, I can't give them enough stars!

Evan B.

Amazing place! Best treatment facility and staff.

Gaylee A.

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