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PacSource Insurance for Rehab in Idaho

What You Should Know About PacSource for Drug Rehab

Under the Affordable Care Act, you are entitled to drug detox or drug rehab programs, either in Idaho, Utah or other states. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the vast majority of Americans are entitled to essential health benefits under their insurance plan. In other words, when a health benefit is considered essential, health insurance plans are legally required to cover it. Thankfully, the list of essential health benefits includes mental and behavioral health services, including addiction treatment. According to the ACA website, essential health benefits include three specific areas related to addiction treatment: behavioral health, mental health, and treatment for substance use and substance abuse disorders.

Even better, Pacific Source is now an in-network insurance provider with Ashwood Recovery. This essentially means that you can receive all of the necessary addiction treatment services - from assessment to group meetings - at our facility for a substantially reduced cost. The particulars of what will be covered under PacSource depends on your specific insurance plan. However, the vast majority of the drug rehab benefits you need for recovery will be covered through PacSource.

Many people are hesitant to attend drug rehab simply because they believe the cost to be prohibitive. Thankfully, having PacSource as your health insurance provider means that you can get the addiction treatment services that you need for an affordable price.

If you are looking for more specifics about what it means for PacSource to be in-network with our facility, you have come to the right place.

In-Network and Out-of-Network Insurance: What Does it Mean?

As we noted above, the fact that PacSource is now in-network with our facility simply means that you can receive your health care benefits for addiction treatment with significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, having coverage with an in-network insurance company usually means that you are better able to realize the drug rehab benefits available to you, since we already have a contract with PacSource. In simple terms, this means there will be quite a bit less haggling with insurance over what is and is not covered. To contrast this, an out-of-network insurance provider does not have a direct contract with the health care facility.

For you, the most important thing to know about PacSource being in-network with Ashwood Recovery is that we are happy to continue offering our proven addiction treatment services at a lower cost to you. More than that, the drug rehab services we offer are now much more likely to be approved by PacSource. If you have decided to attend drug rehab at our facility, the next step is get an assessment, which will not only cover your addiction treatment options but also determine which services are medically necessary.

It is important to note that we cannot list exactly which aspects of our drug rehab program will or will not be covered by PacSource, since that is determined by the type of plan that you have with the health insurance company. However, you can get started on determining coverage by filling out our insurance verification form.

How Do You Get the Drug Rehab Services in Idaho You Need at PacSource?

If you are struggling with addiction or alcoholism, the best thing you can do is to let someone help you. Since our staff are skilled in working with individuals who battle with substance abuse or alcoholism, Ashwood Recovery is a good ally for your recovery process. More than that, we are committed to actively work with PacSource to help determine your health benefits for drug rehab and how treatment can be covered.

In order to receive coverage for drug rehab services, your PacSource primary care physician must determine the need for one or more of the following:

  • Drug detox and drug rehab for cocaine, meth, heroin, or opiates
  • Long-term and short-term treatment for drug abuse
  • Inpatient or outpatient treatment at a drug rehab facility
  • A mixture of group, individual, or family therapy

It is worth noting here that in most cases of drug addiction or dependency, intervention by professional addiction treatment services is medically necessary. For instance, the treatment of emotional conditions and chemical dependency are considered mental disorders, which require professional help.

If they are determined to be medically necessary, some of the drug addiction treatment options that PacSource covers include:

  • Prescription drug rehab
  • Alcoholism treatment
  • Heroin rehab
  • Cocaine rehab
  • Crystal meth rehab
  • Marijuana treatment

If you are already considering drug rehab in Idaho, you have already taken the first, and most important, step - realizing that you need to get help for your addiction and considering your options. The second natural step is to call PacSource, your insurance provider, to determine coverage for these services and to get a doctor's appointment. We encourage you to not simply enter into a drug detox or addiction treatment program and hope that all the financials will work out in the end. Instead, proactively take the steps to make sure you are covered.

How Does PacSource Cover Drug Rehab Benefits?

Deciding to get the help you need to deal with your drug addiction or alcoholism is just the first step toward recovery. There are other, important, issues to consider once you make the decision to get sober in the first place.

The coverage of drug rehab under PacSource health insurance is determined by a variety of factors, ranging from the medical need of rehab to the type of plan you have with the insurance company. To get a better understanding of the factors affecting coverage, it is important to consider some initial questions in conjunction with getting an assessment and filling out the insurance verification form. Some of the questions you ought to consider include:

  • What type of insurance coverage do you have in your PacSource policy?
  • What are the deductibles for the mental health and addiction treatment health benefits in your insurance policy?
  • Which facility do you plan attending for drug rehab in Idaho?
  • Did your primary care doctor through PacSource state that addiction treatment is medically necessary?
  • Do you have any co-existing mental conditions (including depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder)?
  • Did your primary care physician through PacSource approve the various essential elements of addiction treatment? These include individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and a combination of the three.
  • Did the specific drug rehab program and facility you chose in Idaho get approved by PacSource's health insurance professionals?
  • How long will the addiction treatment program in Idaho last?
  • Will you participate in a specialty program, or a more generalized one for all types of addiction - including cocaine, meth, opiate and prescription drug abuse?
  • Are you looking to attend an inpatient treatment center or an outpatient treatment center in Idaho? (Ashwood Recovery provides intensive outpatient treatment for drug addiction, which is also usually easier to get approved and covered by health insurance plans)
  • Have you attended a drug rehab or 12-step program in the past, or is this your first time participating in a treatment program?

These are all questions likely to be asked by your insurance provider, including the PacSource health insurance company. In order to solidify your coverage, you should make a direct call to PacSource to determine how your specific policy will or will not cover drug rehab in Idaho. To avoid a hassle later on, ask your insurance representative for an official letter stating what will be covered.

What Are the Next Steps to Go to Drug Rehab Through PacSource Health Insurance?

Many insurance companies, including PacSource, require preauthorization for most addiction treatment services. This process makes sense, since it ensures that the patient, the treatment facility, and the insurance provider are all on the same page when it comes to what is and what is not covered. Though PacSource is now in-network with Ashwood Recovery in Idaho, the insurance provider still requires preauthorization for many of our drug rehab services.

The best way to get a specific answer about how, what, and which services PacSource will cover for drug rehab and addiction treatment services, you can complete our insurance verification form - the link is provided above.

You can also find it in the menu at the top of the page. The information collected in this form allows Ashwood Recovery to find out how PacSource will cover treatment and take the guesswork out of coverage. We want to not only get you the addiction treatment that you need for recovery, but also help you determine how to make the treatment as inexpensive for you as possible.

Does PacSource Being In-Network Mean You Won't Pay Anything for Treatment at Ashwood Recovery?

Just because PacSource is an in-network health insurance provider with Ashwood Recovery does not mean that you will not have to pay anything at all for our addiction treatment programs. Most insurance companies still require individuals to pay the deductible for nearly health benefit, including mental health and addiction treatment services. The amount of this deductible varies depending on which insurance policy you have with PacSource - many deductibles are capped at around $2500 per year. The fact that PacSource is in-network with our facility means that once this deductible is met, the insurance provider will likely cover the rest of treatment. Reach out to your PacSource representative today to find out what your deductible is. You can find more information about individual health insurance plans - and what they mean for the cost of drug rehab -  on PacSource's website.

The short story is that choosing a rehab program that is in-network with your insurance provider usually means substantially lower out-of-pocket expenses for drug rehab in Idaho. Since Ashwood Recovery is in-network with PacSource, we have already negotiated a specified rate and a plan of coverage. Out-of-network facilities, in contrast, have no guarantee that costs beyond the deductible will be met. IN short, you can save a great deal of money by choosing a drug rehab program in Idaho that is in-network with your insurance company.

How Do I Find Out What Rehab at Ashwood Recovery Would Cost with My Insurance Plan?

There is no universal answer to this question, since there are many different insurance policies available through PacSource. Each policy needs to be checked to determine drug rehab benefits and coverage in Idaho. Get started on this process by filling out our insurance verification form.