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Intensive Outpatient Programs in Boise, Idaho at Ashwood Recovery

Most people tend to think of inpatient programs when they consider getting help for their addictions. However, the fact is that inpatient treatment isn't appropriate for even feasible for everyone who needs to get professional help. This is why, here at Ashwood Recovery, we offer intensive outpatient treatment.

Addiction Treatment in Boise, Idaho: What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Intensive outpatient treatment offers clients the opportunity to receive addiction help without being required to enter into a residential program. Clients tend to appreciate this option because it means that they can live at home and even continue working if they choose to do so. Intensive outpatient treatment (or IOP) is an excellent way to learn important life skills and implement them right away during their course of clients' everyday lives.

Reasons You May Choose Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Boise, ID

There are many different reasons why clients opt for IOP instead of choosing to go to an inpatient facility for drug and alcohol rehab. Some of these include:

  • Not being able to take time off from work to go to addiction treatment
  • Having a desire to continue to go to school during the day
  • Having responsibilities at home, such as small children to care for
  • Being a primary caregiver for an elderly parent
  • Being unable to commit to being in an inpatient facility for such a long period of time

Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you, or maybe you have additional reasons for choosing IOP. Either way, there's no reason for you to forgo getting the help you need for your addiction, and intensive outpatient treatment ensures that you will.

Addiction Help in Boise, Idaho: IOP Details to Keep in Mind

If you choose to come to intensive outpatient treatment here in Boise, Idaho, you'll find our groups meet three times during the week, and sessions are held during the evening hours. Each session lasts for three hours, which is a total of nine hours of addiction treatment each week. Intensive outpatient treatment includes:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Skill building activities
  • 12 Step Recovery focus

IOP usually lasts for around 12 weeks, at which point you will be referred to our Continuing Care Program as a step-down approach.

Help for Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction at IOP at Ashwood Recovery

Please don't assume that just because you're not able to enter into an inpatient facility that you're going to have to try to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own. This could not be further from the truth. IOP gives you the ability to get the help you need and still continue with your daily responsibilities and activities. If this interests you, and you feel you would be a great candidate for intensive outpatient treatment, we're confident that we can help you at Ashwood Recovery. Please contact us today.

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