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Teen Behavioral Health Therapy in Nampa, Idaho

At Ashwood Recovery, we have designed our Nampa, ID rehab program specifically to meet the needs of teenagers. One of the most difficult revelations for a parent to deal with is when they realize their child has mental health issues like depression and anxiety. In many cases, parents do not know where to turn for help.

Adolescents have special needs when it comes to mental health therapy. They need to receive treatment that has been targeted to meet those needs. The caring staff members at our Nampa location are here to provide your teen and your family with the support you need.

Types of Therapy we Offer

A cut-and-dry approach does not work when it comes to mental health treatment. There is no one “right way” that works for everyone because we are all individuals. Likewise, teenagers have their own specific needs when it comes to recovery. That is why we use a personalized approach to help them.

All of our clients receive personalized treatment plans that are designed to address their individual needs. A type of therapy that works well for one may not work as well for another. Some of the types of therapy we offer include the following.

For many young people, trauma is at the heart of their mental health issues. Experimentation with drugs or alcohol may be a way to cope or self medicate. Maybe they have lost someone close to them, or perhaps they have been the victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Any of these issues, as well as others, can lead teenagers to abuse substances.

Grief and loss trauma therapy is important for these teens because it helps them work through those painful situations. It teaches them how to process them in healthy ways so that they no longer need to rely on drugs or alcohol to take the pain away.

Serious behavioral health problems and substance use disorder have a way of tearing families apart. It can be extremely hard for young people to recover when those important relationships in their lives have been so strained. That is why we highly recommend family therapy in these cases.

Family therapy is beneficial for the teen as well as for their parents and other loved ones. It is a way to mend broken relationships and start that part of the healing process. Parents learn valuable information about how to relate to their children, and teens are able to work through any issues they may have.

When a young person is struggling with mental or behavioral health issues, they often struggle with their interpersonal relationships. For instance, they may have trouble socializing and expressing their emotions. During recovery, they need a lot of guidance, which is why relationship counseling is so important.

Relationship counseling teaches communication skills and appropriate ways to relate to other people. It can give teens more confidence to emit their feelings and help them make good decisions as far as who they allow into their social circles.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a form of treatment that can help teenagers learn how to change destructive behaviors. It can also address a range of issues, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. It is especially helpful for teens who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

Teens can learn so much from CBT, such as:

  • How to look at their thinking patterns in a new light.
  • How to understand their own behavior and the behaviors of others.
  • How to cultivate better problem-solving skills.
  • How to face their fears.
  • How to self-soothe in healthy ways in the event of anxiety or a potential crisis.

Many of the teenagers we work with at Ashwood Recovery Nampa are dealing with co-occurring disorders. This means that they have mental health issues that are at least partly to blame for their substance abuse problems. These issues may or may not have been previously diagnosed. But using drugs and alcohol have quickly become ways for them to self-medicate.

Dual diagnosis treatment is utilized in these situations because it addresses both the addiction and the mental health issues together. This allows the teen to see the connection between them. It also helps them see the need for change.

Adolescent Support Groups and Counseling

When teens and their parents come to us for behavioral health treatment, they quickly learn about the various support groups we offer. But individual sessions are also important, and a combination of both typically produces the best outcomes.

Every family will be given a group schedule so they understand our recommendations for treatment. Some of the options we offer our clients include:

  • Individual counseling sessions.
  • Family healing groups.
  • Anger management groups.
  • Life skills groups.
  • Art therapy groups.
  • Pet therapy groups.

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Our Teen Behavioral Health Facility

Ashwood Recovery Nampa is located at 847 Park Centre Way, Suite 7 in Nampa, Idaho. We work with teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years old to provide them with the support they need for mental and emotional health.

Our facility has a modern, comfortable design. We know how scary it can be for a teenager to enter into mental and behavioral health treatment. That is why we maintain a homelike environment to help put them at ease.

Ashwood Recovery: Nampa, ID
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Joint Commission Accreditation

We aim to achieve a higher standard than what’s expected in the business and have acquired the Joint Commission's Accreditation - a symbol of excellence. Relying on our experienced and talented staff, we're proud to offer treatment for adolescents with a co-occurring diagnosis of addiction.

Ashwood Recovery Nampa

Parents of Addicted Teens: Ashwood Recovery in Nampa is Here to Help

At Ashwood Recovery, we understand that as a parent, you are facing challenges you thought you never would. You want so desperately for your son or daughter to realize the need to change their behaviors. But please know that this might not happen until their treatment begins.

We are here to provide your teen and your family with the support you need during this trying time. Please contact us to discuss our adolescent mental and behavioral health program in Nampa.