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Ashwood Recovery: Nampa, ID

Learn more about our new drug and alcohol rehab and treatment facility providing services to Nampa, Idaho.

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Our Nampa, Idaho Location Provides Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services:

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Ashwood Recovery: Nampa Location

Ashwood Recovery: Nampa, ID
847-7 Park Centre Way
Nampa ID, 83651

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The Gold Seal of Addiction Recovery

Accreditation is an extra step that a drug detox or alcohol detox center will take to insure high quality of care of their patients. It’s a higher standard than what’s expected in the business and a symbol of excellence.

Ashwood Recovery Nampa

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Our counselors will work with you over the phone to complete a pre-admission assessment, a 15-to-30 minute clinical evaluation of you or your loved one's addiction history and behavioral health issues (i.e. anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar, etc.) right over the phone.

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