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Mountain Health Co-Op Rehab

Will Mountain Health Co-Op Insurance Cover My Drug Rehab in Idaho?

Ultimately, the amount of coverage you get from Mountain Health Co-Op Insurance for drug rehab in Idaho will depend on your individual policy.

What Affects Payouts From Mountain Health Co-Op for Drug Rehab in Idaho?

But there are some factors you can examine that will influence the answer to this question. Here's a list of them below.

  • Did your doctor approve the treatment?
  • Was the drug detox treatment in Idaho approved before you went to the addiction treatment program?
  • Is the drug rehab in Idaho (or drug detox program in Idaho) outpatient or inpatient type of treatment?
  • Have you been to a drug rehab or drug detox in Idaho already?
  • Is your addiction to cocaine, heroin, meth, opiates, prescription drugs or alcohol?

What Mountain Health Co-op Actually Says About Benefits for Drug Rehab in Idaho

In their policy info pdf, Mountain Health Co-Op states the following about Chemical Dependency:

  • The treatment of chemical dependency is treated like other illnesses. There's no negative stigma attached to its treatment. This is good because it means you aren't treated any differently than someone with a flu bug.
  • For Mountain Health Co-Op to cover drug rehab in Idaho, it must be pre-approved. You can't just suddenly decide to show up at an addiction treatment center one day and expect them to pay for that. This means your substance abuse has to be documented. Ask them if they cover all addictions including alcoholism.
  • Drug rehab programs covered by Mountain Health Co-Op are for the abuse of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opiates, or any controlled substance.
  • The Idaho drug rehab facility you receive treatment at must have written treatment plans for your recovery and be monitored by an M.D. or addiction counselor. Both the M.D. and addiction counselor must be licensed in the state of Idaho.
  • The drug detox facility in Idaho (or drug rehab) must be licensed or approved as a treatment center by the Department of Public Health and Human Services or the state.
  • Mountain Health Co-Op pays out benefits for substance abuse treatment when the treatment is at a hospital, given by a physician or is a freestanding inpatient facility licensed and approved by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.
  • What is covered is medically monitored and medically managed intensive inpatient addiction treatment services or residential services that are clinically managed but in a residence.
  • Outpatient treatment services must be able to improve or restore the functioning lost by the addiction.
  • The outpatient treatment at the drug rehab in Idaho (or drug detox) must be one that will include diagnosis and actual treatment for chemical dependency.
  • Mountain Health Co-op won't pay for hypnotherapy, marriage counseling or services given by a staff member of a school or halfway house. Ask about group therapy, individual counseling and 12 step programs.

Always check directly with your insurance provider, Mountain Health Co-Op to see if there have been any policy updates.

At Ashwood Recovery, we help clients by matching them up to a drug rehab in Idaho or a drug detox that will accept their insurance yet still provide high level services.