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Methadone in Idaho – Ashwood Recovery

What to do when You Need Methadone Rehab in Boise, Idaho

If you've ever taken methadone, then you probably know it as either a narcotic painkiller or a medication that was given to you to treat an addiction to heroin.

Methadone is a narcotic painkiller medication that is used to treat heroin addiction, it is a opioid, it is used to lessen withdrawal symptoms, the effects last about 6 hours after a single dose and it can be highly addictive

It's often used successfully for both purposes. Methadone rehab can become a necessity when you have been taking methadone and you try to stop it and find that you're not able to. Methadone is a very powerful drug, and like other prescription drugs, just because it was prescribed for you, that doesn't mean that you won't suffer any ill effects from it. Addiction to methadone occurs all the time, but the right type of methadone treatment can help you recover.

Because it is a pain relieving medication, users can easily become hooked on using methadone. Some tell tale signs to recognize addiction are feeling shame because you need to take methadone, desperately waiting for the next dose, taking more than the prescribed dosage and chasing a high

How to Know You Need Methadone Rehab in Boise, Idaho

Methadone is very effecting at taking away pain and helping people get through serious addictions. However, in order to be that effective, dosages can usually be quite strong. Even when Methadone is being taken at the proper strength and for the right period of time (as prescribed), it can still result in addiction. Once enough time between doses has gone by, you may start to feel shaky or jittery, and your may actually feel like you crave your dose of methadone.

If you're not sure if you're addicted to methadone, here are some symptoms of addiction you can look for:

  • Feeling ashamed of the fact that you feel you need to take methadone
  • Counting the hours or even the minutes until your next dose is due
  • Taking more than the prescribed dosage to achieve the same result
  • Hiding your ongoing methadone use from your friends and family
  • Feeling "off" when you don't get your regular dose

If you experience any of these symptoms, you most likely have an addiction that needs professional drug treatment.

Detox is the number one recommendation before checking into rehab, quitting cold turkey is not advisable, detox helps reduce serious side effects, after detox, the person is ready for rehab

Methadone Treatment in Boise, Idaho: Getting the Help You Need

Many professionals recommend a period of methadone detox before immediately beginning a drug rehab program. That's because there can be some serious side effects to stopping this medication cold turkey. You need to give your body time to adjust to being without it, and detoxification will give you that time.

Once you've gone through detox, you'll be ready to implement methadone rehab. You'll learn more about what led to the addiction for you, and you'll learn what you need to do to continue with your recovery. Methadone rehab is a valuable experience that many feel to be life-changing.

Rehab, the journey towards sobriety starts here, understanding why and how addiction happens, developing coping skills, sharing experiences with other recovery petients and having a caring and loving professional staff

Choosing Ashwood Recovery for Methadone Rehab in Boise, Idaho

Here at Ashwood Recovery, we are so happy that you're considering going to methadone rehab for your addiction to this powerful, yet dangerous medication. While it is helpful, it's often overused, and it's so easy to get addicted to it unintentionally. We would love to help you overcome this addiction, and we're confident that you'll find our outpatient methadone rehab program to be something that allows you to be successful with your recovery.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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