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Chubbuck Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab in Idaho – Ashwood Recovery

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chubbuck, ID: Help for Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Chubbuck, Idaho is located in Bannock County, and is a part of the Pocatello statistical area. The population was almost 14,000 in 2010, and was estimated to be just over that number in 2012. Chubbuck, Idaho is a very small city, and the main attraction is the Pine Ridge Mall. Families and individuals alike enjoy the quiet atmosphere that living in Chubbuck provides them, and many people live their entire lives.

Although Chubbuck, Idaho might be a great place to raise a family because of the small community atmosphere, the people who live there are certainly not strangers to alcoholism and drug addiction. Addiction is a serious problem in Chubbuck, just as it is throughout the State of Idaho. In fact, statistics indicate that:

  • About 4,000 people currently drink enough alcohol in Chubbuck to qualify themselves as alcoholic or heavy drinkers
  • Close to 300 of these same individuals regularly use illegal drugs while drinking
  • Almost 250 people in Chubbuck admit to being addicted to marijuana
  • Heroin use has increased in Chubbuck, with more than 200 people admitting to having an addiction to it
  • More than 200 people also admit to being addicted to either cocaine or crack cocaine

Statistically, a significant piece of the population in Chubbuck, Idaho suffers with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and many of them don't realize that help is available for them. Drug rehab or alcohol rehab offers them the opportunity to embrace freedom from their addictions so that they can recover.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers in Chubbuck, ID: The Increase in Addiction

Currently, addiction rates are much higher in the United States than they ever have been, and this is also very true for the State of Idaho. Many people don't realize that getting professional help for their addictions can give them the tools they need to recover, and so many people continue to suffer in silence.

An addiction to drugs or alcohol always begins with abusing these substances, and the actual addiction is formed over time. For some, it may take a few weeks, and for others, it may take months. However, as the brain and body begin to get accustomed to receiving regular doses of drugs or alcohol, it leads to withdrawal when those substances are absent.

Addiction rates are likely to continue to increase unless something is done. It's vital to raise awareness about how dangerous drugs and alcohol can be, and to provide information about available treatment methods.

Inpatient Drug Rehab vs. Outpatient Drug Treatment in Chubbuck, Idaho

Quite frequently, people hold back from getting professional help because they don't want to be forced into going to an inpatient drug rehab. Inpatient drug rehab is not the answer for everyone, and many people have schedules and responsibilities that prevent them from being able to make such a commitment.

Even so, professional help is essential to a successful recovery, which is why so many changes have been made to improve outpatient drug rehab methods. For severe addictions, patients can opt for intensive outpatient drug treatment, which offers them a lot of support, but still allows them to live at home.

Treatment Methods at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Chubbuck, ID

Everyone's addiction is different, and so no two addictions can be treated in exactly the same way. This is crucial in addiction recovery, and it's a point that many of the most modern rehab facilities miss, even today. A variety of treatment methods are currently used in order to provide patients with well-rounded treatment that meets all of their needs. These can include:

  • Drug detox and alcohol detox to help with removing toxins from the body and support during the withdrawal process
  • Group therapy and counseling to introduce patients to their peers and allow for peer support
  • Individual counseling sessions to promote healing and an understanding of the reason behind the addiction
  • Health and wellness therapy that touches on nutrition and physical fitness
  • Family sessions to provide support to families and strengthen the family unit

Rehab Facilities in Chubbuck, ID Offer Hope for Recovery

Patients are often surprised at how well they adjust to alcohol and drug rehab centers. The most difficult part of seeking out help for an addiction is making the decision to take the first step. What often happens is that as the recovery progresses, patients are reminded of goals they once had prior to the addiction. These goals were often long forgotten because they simply seemed unattainable. With the right amount of support, patients are able to realize and work toward goals such as:

  • Going back to work a full time job
  • Going back to school to earn a degree
  • Beginning in a new career field
  • Restoring relationships that were once thought to be lost
  • Providing emotional support for their children

Recovery from addiction may be difficult, but the rewards along the way provide tremendous incentives.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Chubbuck, Idaho: Choosing Ashwood Recovery

Here at Ashwood Recovery, we understand how difficult it can be to make a choice when you're trying to decide which addiction treatment programs would be right for you. Fortunately, this isn't a decision you have to make on your own. Talking with one of our addiction treatment specialists can help you understand the severity of your addiction, and they can recommend the method of treatment that would work best based on your addiction history, and your current needs.

We've made it a point to offer the best addiction treatment methods you can find in the State of Idaho, and we're ready to provide you with the support you need to leave your addiction to drugs or alcohol behind for good. Regardless of what type of addiction you have, or how long you've suffered with it, we would love to help you get started with your recovery journey. Please contact us.