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EMDR Treatment in Boise, Idaho

Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing: EMDR Therapy In Idaho

The treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, and other substance abuse has long taken a traditional path. Much of the reason for this repetitive treatment lies in the fact that research had simply not focused heavily on treating people suffering with addictions. However, for over the past five decades, exploration into the mental and physical contributions of substance abuse has led to significant growth in the methods of treatment with which drug addictions and alcoholism are approached.

What Type Of Treatment is EMDR in Boise, Idaho And Who is It For?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR therapy in Boise is one such approach that has arisen from scientific study and research. EMDR in Idaho is a cumulative psychotherapy that has been proven successful for the treatment of addiction, whether it's a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, as well as many other trauma induced behaviors. EMDR therapy in Idaho follows a series of uniform procedures that integrate components of a variety of addiction treatment approaches.

EMDR therapy in Idaho is a treatment for a variety of problems that utilizes eye movements to aid the rehab patient in desensitizing the stigmas of their negative emotions and behaviors that are associated with traumatic events. The purpose of EMDR therapy is to reprocess these thoughts into a more positive and manageable condition. For people struggling with substance addictions and alcoholism, EDMR counseling in Idaho can help determine if such a treatment will benefit them.

Seeking EMDR Therapy And EMDR Counseling In Boise with Ashwood Recovery

Though the approach has a simplistic concept, EMDR therapy in Idaho is not as simple as it may appear, and, in fact, may vary from practitioner to practitioner. Because EMDR therapy should not be attempted by untrained professionals, Ashwood Recovery's rehabilitation center offers EMDR counseling in Boise to those who may wish to try the approach.

What Occurs During EMDR Counseling In Idaho?

EMDR therapy in Boise appears to hold a direct effect on the means by which the brain processes information. EMDR holds a similarity to what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. As a result, EMDR in Boise can be considered a physiologically based therapy that guides an individual who sees images and memories as distressing, and enables them to view those events in a positive and less harmful manner. Following EMDR counseling and a successful EMDR therapy in Idaho with Ashwood Recovery, the patient resumes normal information processing and no longer endures the harsh images, sounds, and feelings of the particular event(s) as they come to mind. The patient will still remember the events that transpired, but the intention is to make the memories more acceptable so they no longer subject the patient to feeling the need to abuse substances.

How Long Does EMDR Therapy in Boise Take?

EMDR counseling in Idaho take places over several phases, and may produce results more rapidly than alternative and traditional forms of addiction treatment. However, a speedy recovery is insignificant compared to the successful results. Therefore, it is important to remember that every patient has different needs and different results. While it is likely for rehabbers to feel alleviated and cured almost immediately with EMDR in Boise, it is crucial to complete all eight of the phases of treatment with Ashwood Recovery.

Ashwood Recovery And EMDR In Idaho For Addiction Patients

Ashwood Recovery is an independent and all-inclusive addiction treatment facility providing outpatient services to the Boise, Idaho region. Specializing in treating patients of all ages that are suffering from addictive conditions, co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, co-dependency and trauma, the Ashwood staff is comprised of especially trained and compassionate professionals. EMDR in Idaho with Ashwood Recovery includes approaches to addictive treatments that are effective, diverse and backed by scientific research. Their exceptional programs and effective tools have resulted in the Ashwood Recovery facility being recognized as one of the top treatment programs in the country. In fact, Ashwood Recovery's treatment programs help patients identify underlying issues that fuel their addiction and disordered behaviors. Working with the leading providers, doctors, therapists, and professionals to manifest an effectively verified and holistic treatment with programs that include contemporary and traditional approaches; Ashwood leads the substance abuse and recovery industry. With a variety of approaches that include 12-step meetings, group therapies, trauma resolution, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, counseling, and EMDR in Idaho; people struggling with substance abuse can finally pursue the help they need in addiction rehab.