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Dakotacare Rehab

Will Dakotacare Cover My Idaho Drug Rehab in Idaho?

In one of Dakotacare's health insurance documents (See link), the guidelines are all laid out whether or not Dakotacare will cover your Idaho drug rehab program or addiction treatment for cocaine, heroin, opiates, prescription drug abuse, alcoholism, or meth abuse.

Will Dakotacare Cover Drug Rehab in Idaho?

Here are some of the highlights of that document:

  • Mental health care such as individual counseling, group counseling and family counseling may be covered by Dakotacare. Mental health diagnoses can influence success rates of drug rehab. Dakotacare health insurance policies require you to pay $30 as a co-pay per visit to a mental or behavioral health specialist for outpatient services. This must be a participating provider; non-participating providers are not part of the benefit plan. There is no deductible.
  • Inpatient addiction treatment is covered by Dakotacare. Your cost if you use a participating provider for substance use disorder inpatient services (could be a drug rehab) is 30% coinsurance. However, you must use one of the Dakotacare providers and get preauthorization. This means you can get treated for alcoholism, cocaine abuse, meth abuse, heroin addiction, and other substance abuse problems; both for drug detox and alcohol detox and drug rehab and alcohol rehab. But always find out the details.
  • Outpatient addiction treatment is covered. Your cost for outpatient services for substance use disorders with a participating provider is 30% coinsurance. Just make sure you use the Dakotacare providers.
  • Drug treatment counseling while you're in drug rehab in Idaho is covered by Dakotacare. As long as you stay within the Dakotacare system of health care coverage facilities, If you get mental or behavioral health services in an inpatient facility, your cost for mental or behavioral health services (most likely covering 12-step programs but do ask) is 30% if you use a participating provider.

You should call Dakotacare health insurance company directly at 1-800-325-5598 and talk directly to an insurance specialist about YOUR policy. Go through all the proper steps so you can get the maximum amount of coverage available.

At Ashwood Recovery, we assist clients in finding the drug rehab in Idaho or drug detox (whatever drug treatment is needed) that is covered by the client's insurance company. We can help you as well.