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Codependency Treatment & Counseling in Idaho – Ashwood Recovery

Alcohol Treatment and Codependency Counseling in Boise, Idaho

Codependency is a condition that often leads people to self-medicate with alcohol. In fact, many of the people who are alcoholics suffer from codependency to some degree.

What is Codependency?

Everyday Health describes codependency as a relationship condition in which two people have become so involved and invested in one another that they can't function on their own. Usually, your mood, identity and happiness are defined by the other person in the relationship.

For those who are codependent, there are generally two roles to play. One role is someone who is passive and is unable to make his or her own decisions. The other role is a more dominant personality that thrives on controlling the other person. In other words, it comes down to a desire to control and a desire to be controlled.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Boise, Idaho: Are You Codependent?

You may be wondering if you're codependent, but it's probably something you never really thought of before. According to, there are a number of symptoms you can look for, including:

  • Chronically putting the needs of others before your own
  • Pleasing others in order to feel in control
  • Maintaining a constant fear of rejection
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression

Codependents are also at a high risk of alcoholism as a way to self-medicate and soothe the way that they feel.

Alcohol Treatment and Codependency Treatment in Boise, Idaho

If you feel that you may be codependent, and you have turned to alcohol as a way to feel more in control of your life, Ashwood Recovery can help you. Please contact us so that we can advise you about what you should do for treatment.

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