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Cigna Health Insurance Rehab in Idaho

You need to know about Cigna Insurance for Rehab

Good news: We are happy to say that Cigna is now in-network with Ashwood Recovery.

If you have Cigna as your health insurance provider, getting addiction treatment services— including both inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse—can be an affordable option.

To learn more about how our facility works with Cigna and what steps you can take to ensure coverage, read on.

Nine Factors That Determine Whether or Not Cigna Health Insurance Will Cover Drug Detox in Idaho

There are many things that determine whether or not you will get Cigna Health insurance to cover the specifics of the drug rehab program or addiction treatment in Idaho. Here's a list of some of those factors, posed as questions for you to ask yourself.

  • What type of Cigna Health Insurance coverage do you have in your insurance policy?
  • Which addiction treatment facility do you plan to go to in Idaho for drug rehab?
  • Did your primary care doctor through Cigna approve that you need a drug rehab facility in Idaho? If so, what type of treatment?
  • Do you have co-existing mental diseases (such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder)?
  • Did your primary care doctor at Cigna approve the primary forms of addiction treatment for drug rehab (group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, or a combination of the three) as part of your drug treatment plan?
  • Did Cigna Health insurance professionals approve the specific drug rehab program in Idaho you chose?
  • How long does the addiction treatment program in Idaho last?
  • Will you need a program for alcoholism, cocaine abuse, meth abuse, opiate abuse, prescription drug abuse or other types of drug abuse?
  • Is the drug rehab program you are looking at in Idaho an inpatient treatment center in or is it an outpatient treatment program?
  • Have you been to drug rehab or any other form of addiction treatment in the past, or is this your first time attending treatment?

Next Steps

In addition to asking yourself these questions and providing them to your insurance provider, you can get an addiction assessment from Ashwood Recovery and fill out our insurance verification form, which you can find in the menu above. The information collected in this form allows us to verify that your insurance policy covers the services that we offer through our various outpatient addiction treatment programs. You can also choose to call Cigna Health directly in order to find out how your health insurance policy will cover drug rehab in Idaho, and more particularly through Ashwood Recovery in Idaho.

When you talk to an insurance representative, ask them to send out an official letter to you recapping the conversation in an official letter addressed to you. This will help avoid hassles when it comes to payment for the drug rehab program later on.

How Do In-Network and Out-of-Network Health Insurance Providers Differ?

There are two major differences when it comes to using an in-network addiction treatment facility with your health insurance provider versus an out-of-network drug rehab facility. First and foremost, utilizing an in-network drug rehab facility with your Cigna health insurance policy means that getting the addiction treatment services that you need will be much less expensive than when using an out-of-network drug rehab facility.

In general, when a drug rehab facility is in-network with a health insurance provider, this means that the health insurance company agrees to pay most of the services associated with drug rehab—particularly since they are now determined to be essential health benefits.

With this in mind, Cigna Health is likely to cover the addiction treatment services that you need to recover from alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, marijuana abuse, and prescription drug abuse and addiction.

Using a drug rehab facility in Idaho that is in-network with Cigna means that they already have a contract with the health insurance company regarding the prices and types of services covered. This translates into significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses for you. In most cases, patients are simply required to pay the deductible determined by their insurance policy, with the rest of the drug rehab cost covered by the insurance company.

The second major difference between in-network and out-of-network insurance in Idaho is that addiction treatment services are more likely to be approved when utilizing an in-network drug rehab facility, like Ashwood Recovery.

That said, coverage under Cigna is not completely guaranteed, as it is determined by your individual insurance policy. To determine coverage, you should take three steps:

  1. Get an addiction assessment either at Ashwood Recovery or with your primary care physician in Idaho
  2. Fill out our insurance verification form, which allows us to determine how Cigna will cover treatment
  3. Contact your health insurance provider directly to discuss health benefit options

What Services Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover for Drug Rehab in Idaho?

In order to have drug rehab in Idaho covered by Cigna, your primary care physician must state that drug detox, rehab, treatment or therapy is medically necessary. This includes inpatient and outpatient programs in Idaho, as well as group and individual therapy approaches. Once it has been determined to be medically necessary by a primary care physician, the drug addiction treatment options covered by Cigna Health include:

  • Alcoholism and alcohol dependency
  • Prescription drug abuse and addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Marijuana abuse

It is important to get the specific drug rehab program you plan on attending pre-authorized by your health insurance company. The preauthorization process is simple enough, but it is a crucial step in getting the help that you need. Instead of just jumping in and figuring that the financial element will all work out in the end, take proactive steps to ensure that the treatment you need is covered by insurance.

Ashwood Recovery can assist you in the process of determining where to get drug rehab in Idaho, and how this treatment can be covered by your Cigna health insurance. If you still have questions about insurance and drug rehab, give us a call today at [Direct].