Does Aetna Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab in Idaho?

There are questions to ask your Aetna Health Insurance representative to see if you will get your addiction treatment program at a drug rehab in Idaho covered by them.

8 Questions To Ask Aetna About Coverage for Drug Rehab in Idaho

Here's a list of them:

  • Is Aetna Health Insurance affiliated with very specific drug rehab facilities in Idaho or other surrounding states? If so, their list has the facilities you'll have to focus on.
  • Does Aetna cover rehab services for those who have been troubled by addiction to:
    • cocaine
    • methamphetamine
    • alcohol (alcoholism)
    • heroin
    • marijuana
    • prescription drugs
    • opiates
  • How long of a drug rehab program will Aetna Health Insurance cover? You don't want to go to a drug rehab in Idaho for 90 days and then find out only the first 30 days were covered.
  • Does Aetna help you find a drug rehab that they will pay for? If not, you have another solution – Ashwood Recovery will help you. They'll refer you to the appropriate facility that offers the addiction treatment you need that is covered by your insurance.
  • Is Aetna staff bound to a confidential agreement, so you don't have to worry about the person on the phone telling anyone else about your condition?
  • Does Aetna insurance include a 12-step program both during and after drug rehab in Idaho or elsewhere? Does it include family counseling, individual counseling or only group counseling?
  • Are the drug rehab facilities approved at Aetna Health Insurance ones where you would never want to send your grandmother or child if they were addicted? (Don't ask them this – you decide)
  • How does Aetna determine whether or not they'll approve you for inpatient drug rehab in Idaho – or outpatient drug rehab?

Once you have the answers to these questions from Aetna Health Insurance, you can make some well-informed decisions.

Even if in the worst possible scenario Aetna won't pay for your drug rehab in Idaho, there are other options. Perhaps a relative will help you pay for the treatment. Or possibly the drug rehab may offer scholarships so you can get part of it covered by an anonymous financial donor. Many people who go through drug detox and drug rehab and completely change their lives want to help others and make money available for others to change their lives, too.

Give us a call at Ashwood Recovery. We have been in the business for quite a while and can help you find the money. Let your desire to get sober lead the way.