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Are You in Need of Zoloft Rehab in Boise, Idaho?

Are You in Need of Zoloft Rehab in Boise, Idaho?

Perhaps you've been diagnosed with depression in the past, and as a solution, your doctor prescribed Zoloft for you. However, now you fear that you've become addicted and you're wondering if Zoloft rehab in Boise, Idaho is something you should look into.

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed ailments in the United States, and while it might seem harmless to take a medication that has been prescribed by your doctor (especially one that's not a narcotic), studies have shown that Zoloft can have its adverse effects if it's either:

  • Taken in a dosage that was higher than prescribed
  • Taken for too long
  • Taken for a condition when it really wasn't necessary.

If you fit any of these descriptions, stopping Zoloft is probably causing you to experience intense cravings, lack of sleep or even heart palpitations and anxiety. You are in withdrawal, and it would benefit you to think about going to Zoloft rehab in Idaho.

Zoloft Rehab in Boise, Idaho: Why Addiction Occurs

Addiction doesn't always occur because of the chemicals that are included in your drug of choice. Zoloft is a perfect example of this. In your case, an addiction has occurred because of the feelings of well-being your body has experienced. Removing Zoloft (the source of those feelings) results in a craving for it because you have grown accustomed to it. However, an addiction to Zoloft is considered to be a psychological addiction more than a physical one. It's normal for you to feel agitated or even uncomfortable once you stop taking it. This type of psychological dependence can cause a lot of problems for you in every area of your life, which is why Zoloft rehab in Idaho is so important.

Boise, Idaho Zoloft Rehab: How Rehab Can Help You

When you go to Zoloft rehab in Idaho, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about how addiction works in your brain. If you have been taking more Zoloft than was prescribed to you, or you feel you never really needed it at all, those issues will be addressed by your addiction therapist. As the medication works its way out of your system, it won't be long before you're feeling better and more able to cope with your life without it.

Zoloft Rehab in Boise, Idaho: Choosing Ashwood Recovery

Being addicted to any type of drug disrupts your life, and it's normal for people to feel confused and disheartened when they find out they're addicted to a drug that was prescribed to them by a doctor. Zoloft rehab in Boise, Idaho will allow you to get the freedom you're looking for from your addiction. Here at Ashwood Recovery, our staff is eager to help you find that freedom. Our comprehensive treatment plan for you will result in your recovery. For more information, please contact us.