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Why Do People Keep Using Drugs?

Why Do Drug-Addicted Persons Keep Using Drugs?

For many people, drug addiction is a mystery that's very difficult to understand. For those who are addicted, they often want to quit using drugs, and they're confused as to why sheer willpower alone doesn't seem to be enough. There are a lot of reasons why these individuals feel so compelled to continue using drugs, even though their desire to quit is quite strong.

Changes in the Brain After Drug Use

If you're currently addicted to drugs, chances are pretty good that at one point, you tried to stop using on your own. Many people do, but few are successful. That is because long term drug abuse generally results in some significant changes within the brain, and these changes are present whether you're using drugs or not. There are so many negative consequences as a result of these changes, and they lead to you having the inability to control your compulsive nature to use drugs.

In general, your brain responds to the drugs you use by increasing the "feel-good" chemicals it releases. These chemicals give you the high you're looking for, and it isn't long before your brain starts to expect that sensation. When it's taken away, your brain feels as though something is missing, and withdrawal occurs. More often than not, withdrawal leads to relapse.

Outside Triggers that Lead to Drug Use and Addiction

It's important to realize that there are a lot of outside triggers that can and do lead to drug use as well, and these can be different for everyone. Psychological stress often leads to drug addiction, and problems at work or with family can result in turning to drugs as a way to cope. In addition, for those who have a psychiatric illness, or who have chronic pain because of a medical diagnosis, drugs present a way for them to escape.

Virtually anything can be a trigger, and it doesn't have to be a significant, life-changing event. For some people, just spending time with people who use drugs, or going to a place where they once used drugs can trigger intense cravings. Likewise, smells, inanimate objects, or even just certain emotions can result in a desire for drugs. Triggers are very personal, and they're different for everyone.

Getting Help for Your Drug Addiction

The fact that your brain is so prone to addiction means that getting professional help is really the best way to overcome it. If you're interested in talking with someone about your addiction, and you'd like to get help, here at Ashwood Recovery, we would love to talk with you. We're confident that we can help you find the healing you're searching for.