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Overcoming Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Yakima, WA

Addiction Resources in Yakima, Washington

In Yakima County, drug overdoses are lowering the average life expectancy. It’s time for our friends and family members to get the help they need.

It’s no secret that Washington State is in the midst of a drug crisis. Like nearly every other city in America, the Evergreen State loses thousands of residents to drug addiction each year.

According to the Washington Department of Health, the state lost nearly 700 residents to opioids during 2017 alone. This stat doesn’t even account for the deaths caused by cocaine, meth, or alcohol poisoning.

And the problem is particularly bad in Yakima County. Data from the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services shows an average of 200 annual overdose deaths during the past few years.

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According to an article published on, overdoses are actually driving down the County’s average life expectancy.

This is obviously a sad statistic. However, it’s especially depressing because there are so many addiction resources in the area.

Yakima has a number of detox programs and rehab facilities that help addicts get sober. And, they have vibrant AA and NA communities. All of these resources offer the support that addicts need to get clean.

This article outlines some of the addiction resources in Yakima. Hopefully, it will connect addicts with the support networks they need.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Yakima, WA

Detox programs help addicts get through withdrawals without relapsing. After all, the withdrawal process is notoriously unpleasant. Some addicts are unable to get through it on their own. 

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol for a long time, their body becomes dependent on it. In most cases, they may not be able to function without it. So, when they attempt to quit, their body doesn’t respond kindly. They are likely to get nauseous and anxious. They usually experience overwhelmingly strong cravings. 

If an addict tries to quit cold turkey, they may relapse before they finish. Many people find that the process is too unbearable. Then, they end up seeking out a fix to satisfy their cravings. 

Professional detox programs prevent relapse from happening. By checking into a program, the addict is cut off from drugs. That way, relapsing isn’t an option. 

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On top of that, detox facilities offer medical expertise that isn’t available elsewhere. They give addicts the opportunity to withdraw from drugs under the supervision of a doctor. 

These doctors develop a customized plan for each addict. Sometimes, the plan involves non-addictive medication. Other times, it includes a tapering schedule that allows the addict to withdraw slowly.

Whatever the plan, drug detox programs allow each addict to withdraw in the safest and most comfortable manner possible.

Detox lasts as long as it takes for an addict to clear their system of drugs. Sometimes, this takes a few days. Other times, it takes up to a month. Ultimately, it depends on which drug a person uses, how long they’ve maintained an addiction, and how quickly their body metabolizes toxins. 

For example: 

Most opioid addicts can detox in less than a week. However, they are only able to do so if they have a healthy liver. If their liver can’t process chemicals quickly, the process takes longer. 

Marijuana, on the other hand, has a longer withdrawal timeline. If a chronic user tries to quit, they spend several weeks detoxing.

It’s important to remember that detox is an ongoing process. Even after physical symptoms subside, addicts may struggle with emotional side effects. They may feel anxious or depressed for several months (or even years). These are signs that the body is adjusting to functioning without drugs. Many addicts attend drug rehab to learn how to cope with these symptoms.

Don’t go through detox alone. Let doctors and addiction specialists help you through your journey! 

Professional detox offers several benefits, including: 

Time and space: Withdrawals are stressful. They don’t feel good. They’re even worse if you have people running through the house and making noise around you. Professional detox allows you to withdraw in a serene environment, which is enormously helpful. 

Professional care: Detox is more complicated than it seems. Don’t assume that you know how to do it. In a professional program, doctors will monitor your progress and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Safety-monitoring: In some cases, withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal, for example, can be deadly. If you are trying to detox from a severe addiction, you should reach out for professional help. The doctors on-staff will take preventative measures to protect your safety. 

Relapse prevention: Many at-home detox patients relapse before they finish. It’s too easy to reach out for your pills or pick up a bottle of booze when the symptoms kick in. By secluding yourself in a detox program, you’ll set yourself up for a successful withdrawal process!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Yakima, WA

After detox, addicts must rehabilitate. This is the stage where they relearn how to live a drug-free life. 

Obviously, this step is difficult for many people. Not everyone is able to move forward without relapsing. But rehab programs equip addicts with the tools to do so. 

In a rehab treatment program, addicts work with therapists and counselors to understand their own condition. They spend time learning what drives their habit and how they can avoid relapsing in the future. 

Some of the services offered in rehab include:

There are many rehab centers near Yakima. Each of them caters to different types of addicts with different needs.

Rehab treatment can help you turn your life around. Learn more about our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabs Around Yakima

There are a few different types of rehab programs. For example, there are inpatient, or residential programs. This type caters to people who want to leave home for a few weeks to get clean. They live on-site at the treatment center and spend their days attending therapy and group support sessions. They also have access to any exercise facilities on campus.

Outpatient programs, on the other hand, are non-residential. Instead of living in the treatment center, patients live at home. They attend school, work, and spend time with their families, but attend treatment a few times a week. This option works well for people who want to get sober but can’t leave their responsibilities behind during treatment.

There are also intensive outpatient programs. These programs are in-between inpatient and outpatient treatment. They are non-residential, but patients receive as much as 40 hours of treatment each week. They go to therapy and group support and visit with physicians. They may also attend physical training sessions or nutritional classes to learn about living a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about our intensive outpatient program today!

Rehab Programs for Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction and mental illness are intimately linked. Some addicts struggle with a substance abuse disorder and a psychological condition. 

For example, many people struggle with anxiety or depression on top of their drug addiction. In some cases, their anxiety or depression is the driving force behind their condition. 

These folks require special treatment. They need a doctor who understands the way their brain works. That way, the doctor can get them on a proper medication regime while teaching them how to avoid drug abuse.

Luckily, there are many rehab programs near Yakima that specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. These facilities treat a range of conditions including (but not limited to) social anxiety disorder, ADHD, PSTD, and trauma-related addiction.

If you struggle with mental health issues and want to get sober, make sure to find a facility that can treat your dual diagnosis.

Find out more about treatment for co-occurring disorders!

Free and Low-Cost Rehab Programs Near Yakima

Many addicts avoid treatment because they’re afraid of the cost. After all, a lot of rehab programs are very expensive.

However, there are some free and low-cost rehab centers near Yakima. These programs provide treatment for little-to-no money. Typically, they are run by churches and community groups. 

Of course, many of these programs are overcrowded. Some of them have long waiting lists. It can take years to be admitted into one!

But, there are other options. If you have health insurance, for example, you may be entitled to free rehab treatment. At Ashwood Recovery, we partner with a number of insurance companies to provide affordable care to recovering addicts. Some of the insurance companies in our network include:

Don’t see your insurance company on the list? Don’t worry!

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is the most popular support network for alcohol addicts. The organization holds free, daily meetings in nearly every city in the world. 

In these meetings, addicts from all backgrounds and walks of life get together to talk about addiction. They open up about their experiences, talk about their regrets, and update each other on their recovery progress. 

AA is based around the Twelve Steps. This is an 80-year old system designed to help people get sober. These steps teach alcoholics how to confront and overcome their condition. 

If you or a loved has an alcohol abuse habit, AA could be the right program for you. The Yakima community is warm and welcoming. As long as you have the desire to get sober, the group is happy to have you.

Want to attend a local meeting? Here are a few in the area:

Sundays @10:00 AM
Serenity Hall Group
Serenity Hall
1411 South 3rd Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Mondays @5:00 PM
Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church
5 South Naches Avenue
Yakima, WA 98901
Get Directions

Wednesdays @9:00 AM
Primary Purpose
Central Lutheran Church
1604 West Yakima Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Saturdays @7:00 PM
A New Light
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
801 Tieton Drive
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is similar to AA. It’s free. It’s open to everyone. And, it’s based around the Twelve Steps. 

Unlike AA, however, this program is designed specifically for drug addicts. Anyone who is dependent on narcotics or other drugs is welcome. There are NA members who are addicted to cocainecrystal methheroinprescription drugs, and nearly every other drug known to man. 

The program doesn’t privilege any one drug over another. The goal is simply to help people overcome their addictions. 

There are several NA groups in Yakima. Each of these groups is eager to welcome new members. If you or someone you know has a substance abuse habit, this program could provide the help and support needed to get sober.

Looking for a meeting near you? You may want to try one of these:

Sundays @6:30 PM
What It’s Like
Serenity Hall
1411 South 3rd Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Tuesdays @12:00 PM
Never Alone
Open Bible Church
2701 West Lincoln Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Fridays @7:30 PM
Life Tracks
Saint Timothy’s Church
4105 Richey Road
Yakima, Washington 98908
Get Directions

Saturdays @9:30 AM
Wesley United Methodist Church
14 North 48th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions


Al-Anon is a support group for the family members of addicts. This group holds meetings for the parents, children, spouses, siblings, and friends of addicts. In these meetings, individuals get together to discuss how their life has been affected by someone else’s condition. 

Loving an addict is difficult. It raises all kinds of negative feelings including fear, anger, depression, and anxiety. Family members might also feel guilty as if the problem is their fault. Over time, these feelings can take a toll on the individual and the family unit.

Al-Anon gives family members a place where they can go to talk about their feelings. Many members find that this program helps them cope with complex emotions.

Looking for a place to talk? Here are a few meetings in the region:

Mondays @5:30 PM
Door to Hope AFG
Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
9 South 8th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Wednesdays @5:30 PM
Steps to Recovery AFG
Unity Church
401 South 8th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902
Get Directions

Saturdays @9:00 AM
Friends and Family AFG
Wesley United Methodist Church
14 North 48th Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98908
Get Directions


Alateen is a subsection of Al-Anon designed specifically for children. Anyone younger than 18 is welcome. 

Addiction is a complex topic. It’s particularly difficult to discuss with children. But, it’s important for the children to understand that their loved one’s condition is not their fault. 

Alateen meetings approach the topic of addiction in a child-friendly manner. By facilitating the discussion this way, the group is able to provide therapy and support in a way that’s beneficial for young people. 

If you know a young person who might benefit from Alateen, check out this meeting:

Sundays @6:30 PM
Naches Alateen
Naches Presbyterian Church
201 East 2nd Street
Naches, Washington 98937
Get Directions

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If you’re ready to get back on the right path, call us. We can provide the help and support you need to turn your life around.

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