Mental Health (PHP)
Day Treatment

A Treatment Program for Adults with Mental Health Conditions

What is PHP?

The PHP for Mental Health (Partial Hospitalization Program) is a highly structured treatment program for clients with acute psychotic and severe mental health issues. It offers intensive day hospitalization for clients who require continued stabilization after leaving an inpatient unit. It is a support program that helps them to transition back into a more independent lifestyle.

Clients will receive completely individualized treatment to help facilitate the stabilization of symptoms in a less restrictive and non-institutional environment.

How to get started

Who is it intended for?

Clients who need to continue the stabilization process after leaving an inpatient care (detox) program and need a structured treatment program. This outpatient program is designed specifically for clients who we assess and determine that their primary diagnosis is mental health related.

We accept clients who need to stabilize their mental health symptoms, receive group and individual care, gain psychiatric consult and evaluation, medication management needs, support within the community, and education on how to better manage their diagnosis.

Call us to scheddule an assessment
with a licensed clinician

PHP Requirements

In order to participate in PHP, individuals must have achieved the degree of stability that will allow them to fully engage in all therapeutic interventions, and must not have physical or psychological needs that require round-the-clock care.

Since PHP is an outpatient treatment program, participants must be capable of living independently, or must have secured other housing arrangements.

How to get started?

Clients, family members, and other referral sources can call our
admissions line from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

We will help clients to:

1. Schedule an assessment with a licensed clinician

2. Gain recommendations for care and begin within 48 hours or less

3. Participate in the orientation process

4. Begin group sessions and meet with a counselor and psychiatrist

Program Breakdown

The Mental Health PHP is managed by a complementary inter-professional team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, recreationists, peer support workers, social recreation therapists, and psychologists.

Program Length:
Approximately 4-5 weeks

The curriculum will provide an array of education on mental health, trauma work, experiential activities, art therapy, yoga/thai chi, skill building, process group, goal building and evaluation, and music therapy

Daily contact with medical staff (RN) and psychiatrist as needed along with medication management non addictive forming medications

All groups will be facilitated by licensed master level clinicians

Crisis intervention will be provided as needed

  • Lunch will be provided on site
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • 1 weekly session with a counselor
  • 2 weekly appointments with a psychiatrist
  • Daily group 9-12pm and 1-4pm
  • Daily peer support
  • Family sessions as requested

Discharge planning for ongoing IOP and individual care within the community upon completion of track

Assistance with FMLA or STD paperwork as needed

Case management as needed

Clients we would refer out

(most likely to higher level of care):

Active psychosis (delusions, hallucinations)

Those who would have severe enough symptoms and would be unable to participate cordially in an assessment

Anyone actively abusing substances and not wanting to stop

Active suicidal or homicidal thoughts with a plan

Anyone wishing to remain on addictive forming medications- Adderall, benzos, pain killers, etc

Anyone threatening active harm to themselves or others

Group Schedule

Group will run in hour long time frames from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. with an hour lunch from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. and then again from 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Monday through Friday.

Ways to Contact Us

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