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Photo of Benjamin Seymour

Benjamin Seymour, CADC

Founder & CEO

With 17 years of experience working in the addiction field, Ben has provided intervention, addiction counseling and other recovery services all over the United States. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, television programming and other media venues to share his insight into addiction. He sites his own struggles with drugs and alcohol as the motivating factor behind his work. After enduring detox centers and multiple treatment centers, Ben learned first hand what works and what does not. He expresses a deep gratitude for the years he has been clean and sober.

After successfully co-founding a national intervention firm, Ben has now focused his attention on helping people in the community where he lives. "Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. People with careers, parents with children, teens, professionals and students have problems with addiction as well. It is time we face this reality and give them the treatment they need. We hope to help people before they get arrested, lose their families or worse."

Ben has gone to great lengths to create the best clinical team possible, stemming from various clinical backgrounds. This enables Ashwood to take seemingly complicated clients and dissect their barriers to recovery, health and the ability to thrive. Addiction and alcoholism are often accompanied by co-occurring mood disorders and emotional disturbances. Ben and his team truly understand how these disorders interact and how to treat them.

Photo of Coire Weathers

Dr. Coire Weathers

Medical Director

Dr. Coire Weathers was born and raised in Boise's north end. After attending the College of Idaho, Dr. Weathers moved to Baltimore, Maryland for medical school. He attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Weathers enjoyed Baltimore and chose to remain there for his Residency in Psychiatry. Dr. Weathers has always been particularly interested in community psychiatry. As part of his training, he was able to accompany members of different specialties as they went out into the Baltimore community offering psychiatric care to the underserved. Dr. Weathers developed an immediate respect for the mental health providers in Baltimore's inner city who were dedicated to helping people with addiction and psychiatric illness when they had no where else to turn. After completing his residency, he chose to return home to Boise, working as both an inpatient and outpatient psychiatrist. Dr. Weathers is excited to be part of the Ashwood team, working to help people in the city he loves.

Photo of Erica Lopez

Erica Lopez, LCSW

Clinical Director

Erica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She graduated from Boise State University’s Advanced Standing Social Work Program in May of 2013. Erica’s professional background has been in substance abuse, crisis intervention, family therapy, trauma therapy, vulnerable population advocacy, and working within the LGBT community. She finds passion in getting to the underlying cause of ongoing struggles for clients. Erica consistently works towards encouraging and motivating clients to seek ongoing change in life to better their circumstance. Erica continues to contribute to, and advocate for, the addict and alcoholic recovery community. She finds that working in this field is not only rewarding but life changing, as well. Erica is excited to continue to grow professionally within Ashwood Recovery.

Photo of Gaylee Hoff

Gaylee Hoff, LMSW

Lead Counselor

Gaylee Hoff is a primary counselor on the Ashwood Recovery clinical team. She is skilled at helping clients identify ways to work around barriers to their growth and engage in the process of recovery. Gaylee is passionate about recovery and is able to reach those struggling with symptoms of their addiction. She is a graduate of Boise State University where she graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Work. Gaylee's role at Ashwood is facilitating groups, individual sessions and educating clients about recovery.

Photo of Brittany Heyrend

Brittany Heyrend, LPC

Lead Counselor

Brittany possesses the ability to help clients resolve difficult circumstances and emotions in a meaningful and supportive fashion. She comes to the Ashwood team via The Meadows, a highly revered treatment program, in Wickenburg Arizona. As Primary Therapist at Ashwood, Brittany facilitates group, individual and family sessions.

Brittany is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University. Brittany then completed her Masters in Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. We are honored to have her on the clinical team.

Photo of Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown, LMFT

Primary Counselor

Marilyn gained her B.A. in Psychology and her M.A. in counseling from California State University, Fullerton. She is a licensed marriage and family counselor in both Idaho and California. Marilyn has been in private practice for over 25 years and she also maintains employment with Ashwood Recovery. She has worked in the addiction field throughout her career and she has additionally gained certification for addiction counseling through the Harvard School of Medicine. Marilyn contributes greatly to the team at Ashwood with her vast knowledge of the 12 step recovery community and through her own recovery experience.

Photo of Roberto Olvera

Roberto Olvera, LCSW

Primary Counselor

Roberto Olvera is recognized in both Idaho and Oregon as a Licensed Master Social Worker and Clinical Social Work Associate. He has extensive experience working with addiction, mental health disorders and trauma resolution. He has worked with people of all ages, from 3 years old and up. He has dedicated his career to helping people who's lives have been torn apart by addiction, mental illness, trauma and other disorders.

"I persevere to help those suffering in the grips of addiction and mental health disorders. I help them help themselves, and develop a program of recovery. Although I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, I adapt my therapy in the group and in individual sessions to meet the client where they are at, and change my delivery to meet the needs of each individual person."

Roberto is locally raised, educated and trained. He graduated from what is now the College of Idaho with a Major in Psychology . He received his Master in Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University, majoring in both clinical social work and management social work. He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys working within the Latino culture. Although he is comfortable working within the addictions field, as well as within the mood spectrum and anxiety spectrum. He has also had success helping young men address their eating disorders, as well as helping others confront past sexual and physical traumas.

Roberto values his spirituality, his family as well as his community. He serves on two professional boards. He serves as the Southwest Branch Chair for the Idaho Association of Social Workers , Idaho Chapter. He also serves as a Planning and Zoning commissioner for the city of Nampa. In addition to these two boards, he also serves as the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Mountain View Community Fellowship in Boise, Idaho. He is a dynamic speaker, group facilitator, counselor and a caring and empathic clinician. You'll find that he is comfortable in individual, family, and group settings along with the other clinicians at Ashwood.

Photo of James Pickrell

James Pickrell

Admissions Coordinator

James possesses a unique passion and talent for helping anyone affected by the disease of addiction. As the admissions coordinator, James spends hours listening and coaching families struggling to find hope. If you or your loved one are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, James brings a sincere understanding and passion for making help available to those in need of it. He possesses a sincere and empathetic approach to anyone struggling with this disease as a result of his own personal experience recovering from addiction. James takes great pride in his role at Ashwood Recovery, and is truly an asset to our team.

Photo of Victoria Bright

Victoria Bright

Operations Manager

Victoria is the Office Manager at Ashwood Recovery, although she maintains many roles. Victoria leads in creating a safe and warm environment for all who come to Ashwood Recovery. Victoria exhibits strength in resourcing, offering support, and problem solving financial struggles with clients. She strives to utilize her professional skills to promote recovery and assistance within the community of Ashwood Recovery. Victoria has more than 10 years experience working in healthcare administration and management. She is a graduate of Upper Iowa University, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services.

Photo of Bret Quarles

Bret Quarles

Administrative Supervisor

Bret is an Administrative Professional at Ashwood Recovery and takes great pride in her role. She understands the sensitivity and compassion required in helping others address serious issues in their lives. Empathy drives Bret’s commitment in providing resources for all clients and colleagues. She is proud to serve on the amazing team at Ashwood and loves the results of that of healthy recoveries.

Photo of Tonja Nored

Tonja Nored

Case Manager

Tonja comes to the Ashwood team as a recent graduate from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with a focus in Addictions Studies. Tonja has lived in the Boise are for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge of the resources available in the community. Tonja has a passion for helping those who are struggling with addiction and connecting them with resources necessary in reaching goals for success in long-term recovery.

Photo of Thomas Scott-Childers

Thomas Scott-Childers, LSW

Social Work Intern

Thomas feels privileged to have the opportunity to be interning at Ashwood Recovery as he pursues a master degree in Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University. Thomas hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, with a minor in Gender Studies, and is currently licensed in the state of Idaho to practice social work. Thomas is passionate about helping others improve their lives and strives to help break down barriers to change. Utilizing his education, training, and personal experience, Thomas hopes to be a valuable resource to both the clients as well as the Ashwood Recovery team.

Photo of Ben Halverson

Ben Halverson

Account Recovery Specialist

Photo of Georgina Hernandez

Georgina Hernandez


Georgina is an Administrative Professional at Ashwood Recovery and is one of the first friendly faces you will encounter upon entering the facility. She exhibits comfort and compassion towards all, and helps to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere at all times. Georgina always strives to provide the utmost client care and help the clients to feel at ease. She is honored to be part of the positive team at Ashwood and enjoys seeing the clients’ transition towards recovery.

Photo of Petra Sanchez-Tactacan

Petra Sanchez-Tactacan


Petra is an Administrative Professional at Ashwood Recovery. Petra joined us in November of 2016 and is one of the friendly faces that visitors might see when entering the building. She is very exuberant when it comes to helping others and is very passionate about assisting our clients in the road to recovery. She plans to return to school to get a Master Degree in Counseling.

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