MultiPlan Insurance for Addiction Rehab

Drug rehab shouldn’t drain your bank account. That’s why MultiPlan helps their members get free addiction treatment.

In 2017, more than 70,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. This is mostly because addicts aren’t getting the treatment they need. The National Council for Behavioral Health reports that only 11% of addicts reach out for help.

The main reason why so few addicts seek treatment is that they’re afraid of the cost. Addicts would rather continue to suffer in silence than go into debt for treatment.

In a sad way, this is understandable. It’s overwhelming to think about paying thousands of dollars for detox and rehab.

But luckily, you don’t have to. With MultiPlan insurance, you can go to drug detox and addiction rehab for free.

MultiPlan is in the Ashwood Recovery network! Learn more about our drug rehab and alcoholism treatment programs!

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What is MultiPlan Health Insurance?

MultiPlan is the largest independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance network in America. It gives its members access to more than 4,000 hospitals nationwide. It also gives them access to 90,000 treatment facilities and 450,000 doctors. 

In other words, members get access to any hospital or doctor in the company’s network. In exchange for being a subscriber, the member pays a reduced price for treatment.

This health insurance company has been in business since 1980. Since then, they’ve helped thousands of drug addicts get the treatments they need. 

MultiPlan is a Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO. This type of insurance plan operates around a network of healthcare providers. Subscribers are allowed to visit any doctor, hospital, or treatment center in the network. Members may make as many visits as they want without a premium hike. 

PPO subscribers are also able to visit out-of-network facilities if they wish. If they do so, however, they may waive the right to free treatment. In most cases, the PPO will negotiate a reduced price with the treatment center to keep the member’s bill down. Sometimes, the member may have to pay full price. 

PPOs differ from Health Maintenance Organizations. HMOs are another type of insurance provider. This type only allows its members to receive in-network care. If a member goes outside of the network for treatment, they’re responsible for paying the full price. 

HMO plans are far less expensive than PPOs. But, PPOs give their members access to a wider selection of treatment options.

MultiPlan is in the Ashwood Recovery Network

MultiPlan subscribers have access to free or low-cost treatment in the Ashwood Recovery detox and rehab programs. 

Most addiction treatment centers have a network of insurance providers that they work with. Ashwood Recovery works with many insurers to provide affordable treatment for recovering addicts. 

MultiPlan is one of the many companies in our insurer network. If you’re a MultiPlan Insurance subscriber, you may be entitled to free treatment in our detox and rehab programs. 

If you subscribe to an out-of-network plan, you may still be able to receive affordable treatment. However, we’ll have to work with you and your insurance provider to determine a fair price. 

Is your insurance plan in the Ashwood Recovery network? Verify your insurance plan to find out!

There are hundreds of thousands of doctors and specialists in the MultiPlan network. This is very beneficial for subscribers. Members have access to almost every type of healthcare treatment they need. 

It’s particularly beneficial for recovering addicts. Drug addicts and alcoholics are able to receive affordable treatment for a range of conditions. A few of the conditions covered by MultiPlan include: 

In most cases, the provider covers any addiction that has a negative effect on someone’s life. If there is a healthcare provider in the network that treats the condition, the addict should be able to find low-cost treatment. 

And if there isn’t a specialist in the work who treats that condition, the member can look elsewhere. MultiPlan will work to help them receive affordable treatment.

Some patients require treatment for a co-occurring disorder. These individuals suffer from an addiction problem and a mental health disorder at the same time. Oftentimes, these people require special doctors and medications. 

Fortunately, providers like MultiPlan cover the cost of co-occurring disorder rehab. Members are able to see the doctors they need to see and receive the treatments that can help them. 

Here are a few of the most common co-occurring disorders that require treatment: 

In most cases, the treatments for these disorders are considered a medical necessity. So, members shouldn’t expect to pay very much for treatment.

How Does MultiPlan Insurance Work?

In many ways, MultiPlan is different from other health insurance networks. One way they’re different is that they don’t sell health insurance directly to members. This insurance plan is only available to people whose employer works with this insurance company. 

In fact, members don’t actually receive insurance from MultiPlan itself. Instead, other insurance companies pay this company to have access to their provider network. 

MultiPlan members gain access to the network by paying a percentage of paycheck toward health insurance. When they need access to healthcare services, they’re able to visit any doctor or facility in the network. 

One of the nice things about MultiPlan is that they allow members to invite a provider into the network. So, if you want to seek treatment from an out-of-network doctor, you can invite that doctor join the network. This is mutually beneficial for you, the doctor, and MultiPlan.

How to Use MultiPlan to Get Free Rehab

Most insurance providers require members to receive a referral from a doctor. With these providers, the patient has to see a primary care physician beforehand. The physician must diagnose them with an addiction disorder. They must also prescribe rehab before the addict is entitled to free treatment. 

With MultiPlan, however, patients are able to see any in-network doctor. They’re allowed to do so without a referral. This is one of the benefits of subscribing to a PPO insurance network. 

If a member suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism, they can check into an in-network detox program whenever they want. Once they check in, a staff member fills out a claim form. They submit the claim to the addict’s insurance company. The insurance company works with MultiPlan to figure out the rest.

How Much Does MultiPlan Insurance Cost?

Costs vary with any type of health insurance. But, as a PPO network, MultiPlan has especially wide-ranging prices. 

MultiPlan negotiates with your insurer to determine the price. The two parties work together to come up with a fair cost. That amount is added to your annual healthcare premium

With most health insurance plans, the cost is determined by income. If you make $30,000 per year, you’re likely to pay less than someone who makes $100,000 per year.

Every healthcare plan consists of these three parts. But, many people don’t understand what they are. So, we’ll unpack them to help you understand what you pay for when you subscribe to the MultiPlan network. 

Please note: The prices outlined below do not reflect the exact cost of MultiPlan insurance. They are intended to give readers an idea of costs. Many insurance carriers are able to attend detox and rehab for free. 

Premium: The premium is the amount you pay every month. With MultiPlan, this amount is usually deducted from your weekly paycheck (unless you opt otherwise). The premium is typically determined by your income. 

According to data from the federal government, the average health insurance premium was $19,616 per year in 2018. 

Deductible: Most insurance plans have a deductible. This is the amount that members have to pay before insurance covers the rest. For example, you may be required to pay $1,000 or $2,000 of your rehab bill. Then, the insurance provider pays for the rest. 

Data shows that the average healthcare deductible is $932 for an individual and $1,931 for a family. 

Copayment: copayment is an amount you have to pay directly to the doctor’s office when you receive treatment. This amount is usually relatively low. 

According to an article published on, the average co-payment is $308 for admission to a hospital or treatment center.

How Much Does Rehab Cost Without Insurance?

If someone doesn’t have health insurance, they could spend a lot of money on addiction treatment. 

But, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a lot of ways for addicts to get free addiction treatment

For example, there are a number of community-run detox and rehab programs. These programs usually operate out of churches and community centers. While they may not provide luxury treatment services, they help many people get sober. 

And many professional rehab programs offer payment plans. At Ashwood Recovery, for example, we offer payment plans to our patients. This allows them to go to rehab for free and pay us back later. 

Remember, you can’t put a price on getting sober. Detox and rehab could save your life. So, don’t let money deter you from getting the treatment you need.

Ashwood Recovery

Ashwood and MultiPlan: Providing Affordable Addiction Treatment

If you subscribe to MultiPlan, you may qualify for detox and rehab coverage.

Ashwood Recovery works with insurance providers to provide affordable treatment. MultiPlan insurance subscribers have the opportunity to receive free addiction support. We offer drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs for all kinds of addicts. 

Our program is one of the best addiction resources in Idaho. We welcome addicts from all over the county. If you are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, we want to help you get clean. Contact us today.

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