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Get Free Addiction Treatment with MultiPlan Insurance

MultiPlan Insurance for Addiction Rehab

Drug rehab shouldn’t drain your bank account. That’s why MultiPlan helps their members get free addiction treatment.

The main reason why so few addicts seek treatment is that they’re afraid of the cost. Addicts would rather continue to suffer in silence than go into debt for treatment.

In a sad way, this is understandable. It’s overwhelming to think about paying thousands of dollars for detox and rehab. Fortunately, you don’t have to. With MultiPlan insurance, you can go to drug detox and addiction rehab for free.

MultiPlan is in the Ashwood Recovery network. Learn more about our rehab admissions by calling us today at [Direct].

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What is MultiPlan Health Insurance?

MultiPlan is the largest independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance network in America. It gives its members access to more than 4,000 hospitals nationwide. It also gives them access to 90,000 treatment facilities and 450,000 doctors.

In other words, members get access to any hospital or doctor in the company’s network. In exchange for being a subscriber, the member pays a reduced price for treatment.

This health insurance company has been in business since 1980. Since then, they’ve helped thousands of drug addicted individuals get the treatments they need.

Most addiction treatment centers have a network of insurance providers that they work with. Ashwood Recovery works with many insurers to provide affordable treatment for people in recovery from addiction.

MultiPlan is one of the many companies in our insurer network. If you’re a MultiPlan Insurance subscriber, you may be entitled to free treatment in our detox and rehab programs.

If you subscribe to an out-of-network plan, you may still be able to receive affordable treatment. However, we’ll have to work with you and your insurance provider to determine a fair price.

How Does MultiPlan Insurance Work?

Most insurance providers require members to receive a referral from a doctor. With these providers, the patient has to see a primary care physician beforehand. The physician must diagnose them with an addiction disorder. They must also prescribe rehab before the addicted individual is entitled to free treatment.

With MultiPlan, however, patients are able to see any in-network doctor. They’re allowed to do so without a referral. This is one of the benefits of subscribing to a PPO insurance network.

If a member suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism, they can check into an in-network detox program whenever they want. Once they check in, a staff member fills out a claim form. They submit the claim to the addict’s insurance company. The insurance company works with MultiPlan to figure out the rest. 

How Much Does MultiPlan Insurance Cost?

Costs vary with any type of health insurance. But, as a PPO network, MultiPlan has especially wide-ranging prices. 

MultiPlan negotiates with your insurer to determine the price. The two parties work together to come up with a fair cost. That amount is added to your annual healthcare premium

With most health insurance plans, the cost is determined by income. If you make $30,000 per year, you’re likely to pay less than someone who makes $100,000 per year.

Ashwood Recovery

Ashwood and MultiPlan: Providing Affordable Addiction Treatment

If you subscribe to MultiPlan, you may qualify for detox and rehab coverage. Ashwood Recovery works with insurance providers to provide affordable treatment. MultiPlan insurance subscribers have the opportunity to receive free addiction support. We offer drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs for all kinds of addicted individuals..

Our program is one of the best addiction resources in Idaho. We welcome people from all over the county. If you are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, we want to help you get clean. Contact us today at [Direct].

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