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Northpoint Washington Drug Rehab – Here’s What People are Saying

Northpoint Washington Drug Rehab - Online Reviews and Comments

Northpoint Washington reviews prove the effectiveness of their recovery programs. We looked through hundreds of online reviews and interviews about Northpoint Washington. It became clear why both addicts and critics alike rave over their outpatient program, the staff, and the facility. With drugs and alcohol affecting such a large amount of the population, it's important that an addict has the means to recover. It's not easy for an addict to admit they have a problem so getting the best addiction help matters.

There is a clear quality of care that addicts will experience at Northpoint Washington locations. Their environment is safe and clean. The staff has been highly renowned for their expertise and genuine care. Their main goal is to ensure everything promotes the addict to properly heal and recover. Lifelong relationships with the staff and clients occur all the time. This is how the word has spread about recovery potential with their establishment.

About Northpoint Washington

Northpoint Washington has received accolades for their outstanding commitment to addiction of all kinds. They offer the following:

  • The best substance rehabilitation in Washington State.
  • Treatment plans that are individual, targeting the needs of each patient.
  • High staff to patient ratio.
  • Many activities that promote wellbeing such as mindfulness training and exercise.
  • Various therapy groups.
  • A nutrition program that includes healthy foods to get the body healthy again.
  • Empirical treatment program.
  • Nursing care around-the-clock.
  • Community-oriented through socialization, support groups, and reaching out to the community.
  • Modern facilities that are welcoming and comfortable.
  • Substance treatment centered on the holistic approach.

Successful Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is possible at Northpoint Washington rehab centers regardless of what the substance is or complexity of the addiction. Some people may be in the early stages of their addiction, some may be years into a serious addiction that is coupled with another disorder. Co-occurring disorders for example, are far more complex than an addiction to just one drug. It is the combination of a disorder and an addiction together so both illnesses have to be addressed.

Any addict just wants to feel safe, accepted, and welcomed into their treatment without judgment. There is a specific level of service that has helped many clients feel safe and hopeful about their recovery at Northpoint Washington. Their goal is to be the best addiction treatment provider for those who need help. The result, a long lasting recovery.

It Starts with the Intake Process

From the first impression, the addict will feel as though they are getting personalized care. This is important when someone finally decides to get help. The intake appointment is scheduled so the person is prepared for it. There will be an intake coordinator that meets up with the patient and they facilitate the admission.

You can be sure the you will be treated with the right detox process

The coordinator takes the addict to their room once the intake evaluation has taken place. Once settled, there will be an evaluation to ensure the right detox process is used.

Northpoint Washington Reviews on Holistic Healing

There is drug detox where the patient is given another drug to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Northpoint Washington believes in the holistic approach of drug detox. They are with patients every step of the way and ensure they are made as comfortable as possible. The emphasis is on health and wellbeing. Through nutrition and physical exercise, patients are treated as a whole person.

Reviews of Northpoint Washington Location

One of the reviews online spoke about the location of Northpoint Washington. They said that it's located in the upscale Seattle area of Edmonds. So it's in a nice area but also central to the city. They labelled it a luxury residential rehab facility. They go on to explain that there are four other treatment facilities in the Northwest that are all associated with this location. There are two in Idaho and another two in Washington. They not only have a residential program for addicts but also a few outpatient services.

Northpoint Washington Locations

There are a variety of locations to service addicts in Boise, Idaho. Northpoint Seattle, Northpoint Idaho, and Ashwood Recovery are all here. The Northpoint Seattle is designed to help people with many forms or addiction including alcoholism and other disorders. They have a counseling program that has been raved about from people who have attended.

At Northpoint Recovery, they service people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. They have been nationally recognized for rehab, detox, and co-occurring disorder treatment. Located in Boise, Northpoint Recovery is a residential treatment center for men and women. The length of stay is usually 28 days. There is medical detox available on-site when necessary.

At Ashwood Recovery, they help people overcome addiction and disorders. They have an excellent counseling program.

Northpoint Washington in Washington State provides a therapeutic environment that helps people feel safe. This is important for addicts as they are going through a lot of change which can feel scary. They build a strong ground to promote recovery. The staff is heavily committed and has a strong values towards their substance treatment. The treatment is empirically-based to motivate addicts to want to recover.

The Treatment and Assessment Process

Northpoint Washington reviews talk about how addicts felt positive just upon walking into the facility. There is a comprehensive assessment that takes place to better help the addict with their specific needs. There will also be a complete physical process.

The extensive review about Northpoint talks about the treatment they use. It is evidence-based and includes:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Addiction education
  • 12-step meetings
  • Group, individual, and family counseling.
  • Experiential activities such as; yoga, meditation, personal training, and cardio exercise.
  • Hiking and art is also available.

Level of Care

Here are some of the important care options that Northpoint Washington and other locations offer.

Medically Assisted Detox

Addiction is hard on the body so with the physical dependence, the body needs the substance to function properly. The detox process is when the substance is removed from the body. Withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs can be deadly if mismanaged. This is why sometimes medically assisted detox is necessary. Licensed medical professionals do this at Northpoint locations. Vital signs are constantly monitored to ensure safety for the client.

Intensive Outpatient

IOP or the intensive outpatient program is for someone who needs the structured treatment but doesn't want to commit to a residential addiction program. This allows people to continue on with their responsibilities and the program will cost less too. There are varying programs in their length of time and how intense they are.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Once detox has completed, there is rehabilitation treatment. This is a necessary part of the process of substance abuse recovery. This is where addicts begin to heal and understand what their disease is all. They learn how to avoid triggers that could cause them to use again as well as other tools for success. At Northpoint Washington, they have help and support available around the clock.

Northpoint Washington Treatment Focus

With the different types of addiction, there are different means of focusing on recovery. Northpoint works with all substance addictions with specific evidence-based therapies to help with each type.

Opioid Addiction

Opioid rehabilitation will include combining physical, mental, and emotional support for the client. Medical detox (medication or holistic) and in-depth therapy.


Abstinence is the goal when it comes to alcoholism rehabilitation. There are many reasons that people will relapse after treatment. Success become more possible the longer the alcoholic abstains. When there is a reduction of alcohol use, health is better so self-esteem is higher. They function better in society creating less reason to drink. Northpoint will use recovery and maintenance that have proven to offer best results. For example, the 12 step programs and AA meetings.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation is a complex method of varying tools. Not every center is capable of offering this to addicts. The staff and resources need to be available to hands both the mental health issues and substance abuse issues. The symptoms of both health issues are hard to pinpoint so the professionals have to be extremely knowledgeable. This is the key to keeping the treatment on track.

Therapy Programs

As there are many types of addictions and reasons why people become addicts, there are different therapy programs. Here is what Northpoint Washington locations offer.

Family Therapy

Research has shown that recovery is more likely to succeed when family members are willing to participate in the process. Genetic factors or family upbringing could have had a part to play in why the client became addicted. Addiction can be triggered by occurrences within the family dynamic. This type of therapy requires sensitive therapists who understand emotional ties to its core. Northpoint holds family group sessions which are scheduled by their addiction therapist.

Individual Therapy

There is one-on-one therapy available for clients at Northpoint. A therapist will be assigned to a patient and that is whom the client works with the whole time. They will usually meet up a few times per week. Addiction education is explained here, which is a beneficial part of the therapy. Counseling allows clients to gain insight. This gives them power to make the changes and understand why addiction took over their life in the first place. They are guided on how to deal with stress and other things that could cause them to relapse.

Group Therapy

This therapy involves a group of people. There are many different group therapy modalities such as:

  • Support groups.
  • Experiential therapy.
  • Psycho education.

As a group, you will interact with one another and process what has occurred during your addiction period. Northpoint patients participate in a variety of group therapy session that are organized based on topics. This helps all patients work through their specific challenges.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy helps to treat physical, emotional, and medical conditions through the diet. Dietary plans are designed by dieticians and nutritionists to ensure the body gets what has been depleted during addiction. Patients follow the diet to feel better mentally and physically. It helps them to gain back their energy and start exercising. The benefits of a good diet and exercise are endless when it comes to addiction recovery.

Review of Staff Credentials

An online review had good things to say about Northpoint and their treatment team. There is a medical director who overlooks how patients are cared for. There is also round-the-clock nursing care. They are specifically trained in addiction counseling. There is a licensed practical counselor, a social worker and a certified alcohol and drug counselor. There are psychiatric techs available. The staff to client ratio is exemplary at 2:1.

Living Arrangements

If a patient is attending inpatient detox or rehab, they will be sharing a simple bedroom. Reviews say that the 22-bed facility has a clinical feeling and it's extremely clean. There is a gym, laundry room, and cafeteria which is where the catered meals are served. The outdoor area is beautifully landscaped and patients will find a peaceful haven in the garden area. During treatment, there are no cell phones or electronics permitted. This is standard when it comes to any addiction facility.

"The Fix" Review

As based on a review found online, here is the breakdown of Northpoint Washington.

The Facility

The facility is modern and sits in a peaceful residential area. It can hold up to 35 patients at a time. They are gender-specific so women will share a room with women. There are twin bed, the closets are large, and there is a reading area. The building itself has living spaces that offer comfortable chairs and couches. There are rooms for group therapy and one-on-one therapy. There are many garden areas outside and places to do meditation.

They have an on-site dietician that creates a healthy menu for patients. This is important for promoting an active recovery with nutritious foods. A part of the complete holistic therapy.

Review of Treatment Protocol and Team

There are specialized detox programs on offer at Northpoint. They cover all of the drugs and alcohol detox options so anyone with addiction will be able to get the help they need. The detox will include a team of professionals that are there to monitor and support a patient around the clock. They have a holistic approach where they focus on nutritional and recreational needs. Dual diagnosis support is available for those with co-occurring disorders. This includes any psychiatric support or medication management they may need.

The treatment is very individualized with the counselors creating a care-plan for each patient. This is what has made Northpoint Washington drug rehab one of the most recognized in the country. There is not only inpatient programs but also the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This is at the affiliate facility at Northpoint Seattle. It also has group and individual therapy that patients will attend three to five times a week. This is dependent on the needs and how available the client is to attend.

Other Online Reviews of Northpoint Washington

A website that posts many reviews for rehabilitation centers around the US had 15 reviews on Northpoint Washington. Of the 15, 13 of the alumni gave a raving review. There was just one negative review and one mixed review. The facility received high rating in all categories. Their highest rating were the effectiveness of the treatment, the professional counseling, and the cleanliness of their facility.

Comments said that the staff were very caring and well educated. They liked the structure and varied treatment.

Alum S.H. wrote: "Yoga, gym, art, and outdoor experiences were greatly appreciated."

Friends and Family Feedback

The positive reviews that came back included a high rating of counseling options, family participation, and cleanliness. They noticed and commented on the staff and how they displayed a caring approach for the clients. An anonymous loved one had this to say,

  • "Showing respect to their clients, innovative treatments and giving hope were strengths of the facility."
  • Financing
  • Northpoint accepts most major insurance plans. People who contributed reviews mentioned the following:
  • Northpoint Washington Cost: $30,000 (30 days)
  • Monthly Fee for inpatient rehabilitation: $25,000
  • Private Insurance and self-pay options available.

Individual Reviews

Here are a few samples of reviews found on Facebook:

On a rehab review site, Madison had this to say about her experience with Northpoint Seattle in Bellevue: "I started attending Northpoint Seattle in June of 2017, when I left Northpoint in Boise. I went through PHP, IOP, OP, and now I am in relapse prevention. I can honestly say that Northpoint Seattle saved my life. I was in and out of these rooms upon arriving, and I am now coming up on one year clean. This is the most amount of clean time I've had in 10 years! This program not only helped me stay sober, but the staff always went to extra mile to make sure our needs were met and educated us as well as encouraged us to continue to the path of recovery. I would recommend this place to anyone because of how much they helped me."

Ashwood Recovery reviews on google showed a lot of positive feedback. Here is what some of the clients had to say about their experience:

Ashlie Rose said: "Ashwood Recovery has been great! The staff and other patients are all very welcoming. They have been very informative about the symptoms and tools of recovery. I am grateful for them. They've helped me realize a sober and happy life is worth it."

Ezequiel Johnson said: "Ashwood Recovery assisted me with discovering a life free from addiction The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. I felt everyone on the staff was committed to do anything they could to help me in my journey. They worked with me and helped me uncover and admit some of my innermost fears and demons, in a safe non judgmental environment. They gave me knowledge of the chemistry and science behind addiction. Ashwood helped me gain the tools, confidence, and attitude to begin my sober life and actually like the person I see when I look in the mirror today."

Scott Henley said: "This place changed my life. I came here straight from the hospital and it was the best decision I ever made. I have learned and continue to learn amazing skills to help me be the best person I can be. I feel better now than I have at any point in my life in the last 20 years."

Deanna Lynn said: "I have been attending Ashwood recovery for 3 months now and it has been a great support to my recovery. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from their groups and I would highly recommend any looking to take the first step in finding their recovery to look into Ashwood."

Northpoint Washington, Edmonds, WA

Northpoint Washington and the affiliate locations have helped many clients recover from their addictions. They offer professional detox with dedicated staff to ensure comfort during the process. They have full rehabilitation programs that include residential impatient or intensive outpatient. They offer services for those with dual diagnosis. Most importantly they offer safety and security for clients while they support them through the process of recovery. The care is highly specialized for each individual. You will receive highly comprehensive treatment that will ensure you have the best chance for a full recovery.

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