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Eating Disorder Treatment in Idaho – Ashwood Recovery

Eating Disorder Treatment in Boise, Idaho

Given the enormous societal pressure placed on the youth of our country to look a certain way, it's no wonder that eating disorders have become all to common in Young Americans. Often overlooked, it is important to look for the warning signs of eating disorders that warrant immediate assessment and treatment at our facility. Those suffering from eating disorders will display severe disturbances in eating behavior, such as a noticeable reduction of food intake, overeating, or feelings of extreme concern about body weight or shape. An eating disorder may start out by eating smaller or larger amounts of food than usual, but at some point, the urge to eat less or act out on unhealthy behaviors becomes greater. This results in addictive behaviors and rituals.

How We Provide Help for an Eating Disorder in Idaho

Statistics show that over 50% of female clients with chemical dependency issues also have a history of an eating disorder. With that in mind, we have striven to accommodate the specific needs of females within our community. Ashwood Recovery offers support for individuals with eating disorders, alcoholism, and other addictive disorders. However, due to the medical severity of eating disorders, we cannot take individuals who are actively anorexic or bulimic, unless under the active care of a doctor specializing in eating disorders or dietitian, and have been deemed healthy enough to be treated on an outpatient basis. If you are not sure if you or your loved one is ready for this level of care, we provide screenings and referrals to appropriate in-patient programs.

Program Requirements: Clients appropriate for care at Ashwood will have a co-occuring addictive disorder or history of addiction. We ask that any client with a history of eating disorders have a primary doctor who is aware of the eating disorder and monitoring stability through blood work. Since we are not a hospital based facility, we ask clients be at a stable BMI. If not, Ashwood will screen and refer the client to a primary, inpatient facility, appropriate for medical stabilization.

Our Philosophy on Eating Disorders

At Ashwood, we believe that specific eating disorders, including overeating, exercise addictions, and bulimia, overlap with addictive disorders in the way of dopamine release. The sufferer can learn to manipulate addictive amounts of endorphins through behaviors without the use of substances. While issues of body image, self-esteem, and interpersonal conflicts exacerbate these disorders, they are never the root cause. We believe that a person who suffers from one of these disorders must strive to be mindful of their disorder and always consider themselves to be in recovery. It is for this reason we recommend a successful 12-step based recovery when applicable.

Unfortunately, Idaho lacks certain eating disorder resources available in other parts of the country. Contact us today to learn about other 12-step based options available, which can vary depending on the client's specific history.

More About Eating Disorders in Boise, Idaho

In Idaho, eating disorders frequently appear during adolescence or young adulthood, but some reports indicate that they can also develop during childhood or adulthood. Women and girls are far more likely than males to develop an eating disorder, however we have recently seen an increase in the number of male clients with an eating disorder.

Eating disorders often coexist with other disorders such as depression, substance abuse, or anxiety disorders. People with eating disorders also can suffer from numerous other physical health complications, such as heart conditions or kidney failure, which can lead to death.