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What Happens When You Get Your Stomach Pumped for Alcohol?

a person holds their stomach after having their Stomach pumped for alcohol

Stomach pumping, or gastric suction, is an emergency procedure to clear your stomach of toxic contents before they get absorbed into the bloodstream. You may need to get your stomach pumped for alcohol when you consume too much liquor in a short amount of time and are at risk for alcohol poisoning. Too much alcohol in the blood may slow down vital functions, resulting in death. Should you or a loved one find yourself getting your stomach pumped for alcohol, you may want to consider alcohol rehab to address the underlying cause of the alcohol use disorder.

Ashwood Recovery, located in Boise, Idaho, offers alcohol rehab programs that support long-term sobriety. We offer various services, including medical intervention, relapse prevention, and one-on-one counseling. Our alcohol rehab programs focus on various therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, art therapy, and group therapy, ensuring a holistic and long-term approach to recovery. If you believe that you or a loved one would benefit from alcohol rehab, kindly contact us at 888.341.3607 for more information.

Why Would You Need to Get Your Stomach Pumped for Alcohol?

There is a risk of alcohol poisoning when someone engages in binge drinking, which is when they drink a large amount of alcohol in a small amount of time. Alcohol poisoning is damaging to your health and may even lead to death. Here are a few common symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  • Slurred speech, confusion, and loss of coordination
  • Vomiting and problems with bladder or bowel control
  • Hypothermia (pale, blue-tinged skin due to low body temperature)
  • Slow or irregular breathing or heartbeat
  • Being conscious but unresponsive, or being unconscious

If you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning, please immediately bring them to a hospital. Once there, emergency staff may pump their stomach to prevent the alcohol from being absorbed into their blood.

What Happens When You Get Your Stomach Pumped for Alcohol?

When you get your stomach pumped, the first step in the procedure is that the doctor will numb your throat to decrease irritation and gagging. Then, a lubricated tube will be inserted through the nose or mouth, through the esophagus, and then into your stomach. The doctor will spray water or saline into the stomach before suction is applied to clear the stomach contents. Afterward, you will be placed on a liquid diet and monitored.

While stomach pumping is a preferred alternative to alcohol poisoning, it is not without side effects. A few of the adverse effects you may experience after getting your stomach pumped are:

  • Aspiration pneumonia (when stomach contents enter your lungs or airways), which may lead to lung swelling, lung abscesses, or bacterial pneumonia
  • Vocal cord spasms, which can prevent normal breathing
  • Minor bleeding caused by the insertion of the tube

Get Alcohol Rehab Treatment at Ashwood Recovery in Boise, Idaho

Binge drinking is a significant cause of alcohol poisoning and may indicate an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol dependency causes many physical changes to the body, making a recovery difficult without proper assistance. Enrolling in an alcohol rehab program would ensure long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.

Ashwood Recovery offers various programs that can cater to your budget and schedule. At our outpatient center, we will focus on alcohol rehab to encourage long-term sobriety and address the psychological causes of alcohol abuse. Our rehab treatment focuses on:

  • Mental health conditions that may contribute to alcohol addiction
  • Underlying sources and emotional triggers
  • Combating alcohol cravings
  • Repairing damaged relationships with friends and family
  • Finding goals and interests to focus and redirect energy

Our friendly staff at Ashwood Recovery will give you the professional assistance you need for a safe, successful, and long-term recovery from alcohol abuse. Contact us at 888.341.3607 today so that we can offer the best program for you or your loved one.