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Is Outpatient Treatment Enough?

Did you know that you can fully recover from your addiction with Intensive Outpatient Programs? With Intensive Outpatient Programs, you may not have to take time away from your job or your schooling to get the help you need.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) can work for you if you do not need a medically supervised detox.  For the person who has had residential treatment, it is the perfect solution for the support you will need as you return to your daily routine.  If you have never been in residential treatment, but would like the benefits that come from an intensive program at a substantially lower cost, then IOPs may be the right choice.

Before entering an IOP, you will be given an assessment to determine if you are suitable for the program.  If detox is still needed, your IOP counselor will help you in finding the best options for you to complete your detox before starting the program.

Therapy sessions are spread out over a weekly schedule, usually two to four hours per day, and at least three days per week.

The IOP program includes individual, group and family counseling.  During these sessions, the focus will be on implementing new behaviors that will result in achieving and maintaining abstinence.

Your team of physicians, psychologists and chemical dependency experts will be leading you in group and individual therapy. The primary goal is to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Counselors will lead group sessions.  Sharing personal experiences can help in making emotional and behavioral changes in our relationships with others.

  • Individual therapy will move you toward your personal goal of becoming completely free of addiction. You will be taught how to formulate both short and long-range goals.  People who have clear direction and goals have better reason to expect a much better life.
  • Family sessions assist family members who are wanting to support their loved one. Family members may also have lots of emotional issues that need to be healed.  New skills will be taught to all members of the family for dealing with emotions.  Education will be provided to help with being supportive.

During IOP sessions, you will be learning new coping skills that will result in positive change. These changes will be the catalyst for maintaining your sobriety.  Education and instructions will be given to help you learn ways to prevent relapse.

Most importantly, you will be engaged in the process of healing in a safe environment.  You will be given encouragement in a place where you are being heard and not judged.  Being part of a group creates a sense of belonging, a very important part of recovery.

Having a new framework for looking at your problems can lift your mood and give you hope.  As you progress, you will see the moods and behaviors of friends and family change as well.  These positive changes are within your reach.  If you are considering an IPO for yourself or for someone you care about, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Ashwood Recovery is here to help you and your loved ones overcome addiction and other disordered behaviors. Our counseling programs have already helped many of our clients get their lives back. Call us now to start your journey to recovery today. Don’t let addiction and other dangerous behaviors go untreated, and cause extreme emotional, mental and physical hurt and harm to yourself and those around you.

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