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One Student’s Story About Alcohol Addiction Brings Hope to Youth

Here at Ashwood Recovery, it’s always encouraging to hear stories from those who have overcome their addictions. One young man shares his story regarding how an alcohol addiction gripped him in high school and almost ruined the plans he had for his future.

A Promising Future Before Alcohol

When I was very young, I had my sights set on being a teacher. I loved school so much, and I enjoyed all of my classes. Several of my teachers had a positive influence on my life while I was growing up, making it nearly impossible to choose a favorite. I was the kind of kid who enjoyed homework and even stayed after school to work on extra credit. That all continued until I was in high school. Once I became a sophomore, though, everything changed. My parents moved my family to a different state, which meant I had to get used to a different school and make new friends. I was lonely for a long time, and when I finally did start to connect with people, they weren’t the right kind of people. I learned the hard way that the path to addiction is often a slippery slope that’s paved by a string of poor choices.

Alcohol and Adolescent Peer Pressure

I went to a party after one of my new friends invited me one Saturday night. I wanted to impress him and my other new friends so much, and I was eager to kick back and just relax. When I arrived, one of the guys handed me a beer. When I hesitated, he started to make fun of me. I quickly opened it and started drinking. I was amazed at how good it made me feel, although I didn’t really care for the taste much. It wasn’t long before I had had a few more, and that was where it all started. I found that drinking alcohol helped to calm my nerves and help me be more accepted among my friends. After a few months, I started stealing liquor from my parents’ liquor cabinet. I would even bring it to school and drink it in the bathroom between classes, or during lunchtime. As you can imagine, I didn’t care much for school before too long. I stopped thinking about becoming a teacher, and after a few months, I dropped out of school altogether. In my case, alcohol took over my life quickly. However, it doesn’t always happen that way. My parents got me into an alcohol detox program before I could damage my chances for a successful future. I’m so glad they did. I was able to finish high school and now I’m entering college. Alcohol rehab saved my life, and if you’re struggling with an addiction, it could save yours too.

Getting Help for Your Alcohol Addiction

Regardless of how old you are, now is the best time for you to get help for your alcohol addiction. Whether you started drinking during your childhood or you didn’t begin until you were well into your adult years, here at Ashwood Recovery, we can assist you with getting the help you need to quit drinking for good. Please contact us to learn more.