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How Do Boise’s Addiction Statistics Measure Up? 

As drug and alcohol addiction continues to enter the homes of so many, countless people wonder how their communities compare with others.  The same is true for Boise, Idaho. While it is no secret that no one is immune to addiction, and some are predisposed to its grasp while others gradually stumble down its path, an understanding of just how much substance abuse in Boise, Idaho, is actually prevalent can help you develop a greater awareness of how it is affecting your city. Idaho Addiction Statistics

What are some of the addiction statistics in Boise, Idaho?

When it comes to drug and alcohol abuse in Boise, Idaho, the numbers can seem quite alarming.  According to a report filed with the White House:

  • 8% of Idaho residents report using drugs—a number that is in line with the national average.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab in Boise, reports that marijuana is the most commonly named drug for admission.
  • Idaho ranks below average in drug-related deaths.
  • 3.53% of Idaho residents use drugs that are not marijuana.  This number is slightly below the national average of 3.58%.

What do the addiction statistics say Boise, Idaho’s, biggest drug problems are?

As part of the Treasure Valley, Boise, Idaho, has a growing methamphetamine problem.  In fact, according to narconon, meth users rank second among patients enrolled in rehab with approximately 1,559 clients. The leading need for of drug treatment in Boise, Idaho, was marijuana, with 1,834 admitted clients.  Keep in mind that of those clients 60% of them were between the ages of 12-20 years old.  What this information can lead you to believe is that most marijuana users are young kids experimenting and getting help. A large percentage of the 60% of young marijuana users will go on to stay clean, while the meth users are much more prone to develop addictions that lead to criminal behavior. In fact, 52% of Idaho’s prison population is incarcerated due to methamphetamine abuse related issues.   With the majority of users being labeled as rural users.

How can Boise, Idaho, lower these addiction statistics?

Unlike most states, Idaho has begun using these drug statistics to make changes.  Ultimately, it hopes to help the population of those suffering from addiction to recover and move on to become productive members of society. Idaho is in the process of creating special prisons dedicated solely to the drug-addicted population.  Most prisons treat addicts like criminals, so when they leave, they’ve developed no coping skills to handle the addiction illness that plagues them.  Idaho has taken a different approach. After these prisons are funded and opened, people who are arrested in Boise, Idaho, for drug and alcohol related offenses, will be offered the necessary counseling to help them overcome the addiction that is leading to criminal activity.  The hope for this initiative is to help drug addicted criminals recover from their addiction in order to reduce the crime rate. While every state has its own war on drugs to fight, Boise, Idaho’s, drug statistics have offered some valuable insight to leaders in the city.  They have made some data-driven decisions in effort to help Boise, Idaho’s, drug and alcohol addicts recover from their dependences rather than take up space in prison and go on to eventually repeat their crimes.