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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Purple Drank

You may have been hearing stories about a new drink that’s become quite popular with teens and young adults. It made its debut in music videos and is promoted by several famous rap artists, but there’s nothing good to be said about it at all. In fact, doctors are very concerned that the concoction might be downright dangerous to consume. What is Purple Drank

What is Purple Drank?

Purple drank is sometimes referred to as “lean” “syrup” or “sizzurp.” It consists of a mixture of cough syrup (which gives it its purple color), soda and sometimes fruit-flavored candy. Jolly Ranchers seems to be a big favorite. The cough medicine that’s used can be prescription cough medicine that contains codeine, but because that’s not always available, and it certainly can’t be obtained without a prescription, over the counter cough medicine is often used instead. Purple Drank 2 Codeine is an opiate and it’s a chemical that causes a euphoric feeling. Promethazine is also in cough syrup, which makes a person drowsy or sedated. Users claim that this particular combination causes them to lean over, which is where purple drank got one of its nicknames. Purple Drank Danger

Why is Purple Drank Dangerous?

Purple Drank 4 The problem with purple drank is that separately, its ingredients are a normal part of everyday life. When you’re sick, you get cough medicine and sometimes it’s prescription strength. Soda and candy are relatively harmless on their own as well. However, users fail to take into account the fact that cough medicine is never meant to be taken in large doses, which is what happens when they drink purple drank. With or without codeine, high amounts of purple drank can lead to respiratory distress and heart failure. Physicians have also reported cases of nausea, dizziness, impaired vision, and hallucinations, among several other symptoms. When purple drank is mixed with other types of drugs (illegal or prescription) and/or alcohol, the dangerous nature of the drug is increased even more. Purple Drank 5 Many states have started requiring identification when purchasing cough medicine because it is being used to concoct this and other types of drugs. Unfortunately, if you’re eighteen years of age, it’s legal to buy it over the counter. While over the counter cough medicine doesn’t pose as much of a risk because it contains different chemicals, the danger is still there because of the high amounts that are usually consumed. Purple Drank 6 Drug trends come and go, and unfortunately, anything that is being promoted by music or videos is going to catch on quickly and be popular for a long time. This is exactly what has happened with purple drank, and it’s not a trend that’s likely to slow down anytime soon. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with an addiction to this dangerous drink, and because of social pressure or other issues you’re facing, you don’t feel as though you can stop. Help is available to you, and we would like to offer you the chance to work toward recovery. Purple Drank 7 If you would like to talk to us about your addiction, please contact us.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Purple Drank