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Living with Adult ADHD – The Struggle is Real

August 1st, 2018|

When many people think of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), they think of hyperactive or easily distracted children. While it is true that ADHD is commonly diagnosed in early childhood; thousands of American adults are diagnosed with ADHD every year. This post will look at some of the facts and figures for the drug. It also covers ADHD symptoms and diagnosis. Finally, it looks at the rise in Adderall abuse by college students and discusses what it’s like to be addicted to the drug. Use this information to keep yourself and others from falling

Surprising Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment Statistics in Nampa, Idaho

May 15th, 2018|

The United States is deeply entrenched in a substance abuse epidemic, and Nampa, Idaho is no exception. Alcoholism, illicit drug addiction and opioid abuse are affecting everybody from all states, all communities and all families. An area of the state called Treasure Valley, encompassing Nampa, Boise, Caldwell and Meridian, is the epicenter for drug activity. More than 33% of the state’s total population lives in Treasure Valley, so it is logical that much of the drug abuse, addiction and drug-related crimes occur here. The American Psychiatric Association describes addiction as a mental disease characterized

True or False: Opioids Are No Better Than Over-the-Counter Medicines for Treating Pain?

May 10th, 2018|

True or False: Are opioids more effective in treating pain than over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications?  Luckily, the answer here is a solid “false.” If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, OTC pain medications Tylenol and Advil may be just as effective as a prescription painkiller for helping to relieve your pain. Opioids Are the Number #1 Solution for Pain – But Evidence Does Not Support It Currently, prescription opioid medications are the number one solution for chronic pain in America. When people go to the doctor complaining of aches and pains, doctors

Why We Support Vivitrol Shots to Aid in Recovery

April 15th, 2018|

For drug addicts and alcoholics, Vivitrol shots can be a helpful aid in the recovery process. Many doctors and specialists believe that is among the safest medications offered in addiction treatment. Here at Ashwood Recovery, we’ve seen a number of success stories in prescribing the drug and support its use as a recovery tool. It is important to note that Vivitrol, like other addiction medications, are only helpful when used in combination with other forms of treatment. Recovery, after all, is a holistic process. Vivitrol injections can help the patient overcome certain physical barriers,

Comparing MAT and ORT – Which Addiction Treatment Is Right for YOU?

January 14th, 2018|

MAT versus ORT-- what’s the difference and which approach is the right option for YOU? The science of addiction recovery has changed in recent years. Now, addiction – properly called Substance Use Disorder – is NO LONGER considered to be a moral weakness or failing on the part of the alcohol-or-drug-dependent person. Rather, science has identified addiction as a legitimate disorder – a disease of the brain. This recognition is good news, because when an SUD is treated as a medical condition rather than a personal failing, the chances of a successful and lasting

Teen Substance Abuse Statistics Coming into 2018

January 8th, 2018|

In today’s world, teen substance abuse is more of a serious concern than ever. Going into 2018, teenagers face challenges that did not exist a generation or two ago. For parents, it is not enough to just keep a watchful eye on their children. If you have adolescent or older teenage children, you now have to educate yourself about drug threats that were unimaginable when you were their age. Luckily, for all of us, the National Institute on Drug Abuse funds a project that studies changes in the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs of American

Gabapentin and Opioids: A Killer Combo

December 3rd, 2017|

Gabapentin and Opioids: A Killer Combo By now, most of us have heard the word – opioids are a major problem in the United States. Millions are addicted to opiates like heroin, Codeine, and Morphine and synthetic opioid medications like Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Hydrocodone. Opioid addiction causes devastation and destruction to all those who come into contact with it and it brings death to more than 33,000 people every year. With Opioid Addiction On The Rise, The World Of Modern Medicine Is Turning To Gabapentin With opioid drugs delivering such a crushing and deadly

Alcohol Poisoning – One Too Many Could Take You To The E.R.

December 1st, 2017|

Alcohol Poisoning – One Too Many Could Take You To The E.R. “Let’s go out and get smashed, amigos!” “C’mon girls, let’s go grab a margarita – or ten!” “Hey, fellas! There’s a keg party at the frat house this Saturday night! Bring your cups!” Think Twice Before You Head Out For Drinks With Friends For the Weekend A night of serious drinking usually starts out with a spirit of innocence. No one heads out to a party, the club, or a bar with anything but the light-hearted intention of blowing off a little

Is Jail or Prison Ever a Good Thing for an Addict?

November 17th, 2017|

It’s no secret that addiction leads down a dark path for most people, going so far as to land some in prison. Another hot-button topic that has made headlines in the past few years is prison overcrowding. There’s a very obvious link between the two. The US federal prisons are overcrowded to a dangerous degree. To put it in perspective, current figures point to as many as 1 out of every 100 Americans is currently behind bars. Of those, 50% are there for drug-related offenses. The struggle with addiction is real. It’s for that

Alcoholism Is On The Rise And It’s Not Slowing Down – See The Latest Stats

November 15th, 2017|

After a long day, there's no better way to unwind than with a drink. Luckily, there are a lot of alcoholic beverages to choose from.  Moderate alcohol consumption is relatively harmless. However, statistics show that regular alcohol use has a tendency to lead to heavy-drinking and -- ultimately -- alcoholism. Alcoholism is a severe form of alcohol abuse. This disorder is affecting more Americans and becoming an epidemic that needs immediate addressing. The latest statistics are troubling. A recent study published by the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) follows the