Addiction and Relationships

Really Naked: How intimacy changes when you get sober

October 5th, 2018|

It does not come as much of a surprise that recovering addicts are often faced with the added challenge of recovering their relationships, particularly during the early stages of recovery. Reinvigorating and learning to grow healthy levels of intimacy is an integral part of addiction recovery. Since substance abuse (like alcoholism and drug addiction) are often associated with secrecy, isolation, and social distancing, recovering alcoholics and addicts often start from ground zero when it comes to rebuilding the most important relationships in their lives. Intimacy, in this way, does not simply mean sexual or

The Tragic Story of Margot Kidder: Lois Lane, Dual Diagnosis, Overdose, and Suicide

October 1st, 2018|

The news is full of stories about overdoses lately. But people can become numb to statistics, graphs, and charts. Sometimes it takes a human story to understand the importance and urgency that the subject of addiction demands. Addiction and recovery are complicated topics. It gets even more complex when one takes mental health into consideration. Many people don’t realize the important role that mental health plays when it comes to addiction. In fact, most people assume that any mental health disorder is a result of someone’s substance abuse. This view is counter-productive. It prevents

3 Signs Your Son or Daughter is Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

September 15th, 2018|

“It’s not the addict I hope will be grateful for my love. It’s my child. My child is the one who needs to see my strength. My devotion. My resolve. My child needs me to face down what has become his worst enemy. Not help it. My child is the one I want to see live beyond tomorrow.” ~ Sandy Swenson It can be difficult to know whether your son or daughter is abusing drugs or alcohol – particularly when college and work takes them out of your daily life. If you are concerned that

15 Drugs You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

September 14th, 2018|

Mixing alcohol and drugs is never a good idea. Whether they are over-the-counter prescription meds or illegal drugs, taking them with booze can have fatal consequences. 15 Drugs You Should Never Mix With Alcohol There’s a reason why prescription medication packages are marked with a “DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL” label—it’s dangerous. Mixing medicine and alcohol can have all kinds of negative side effects. Unfortunately, many people overlook this. Maybe they’re having too much fun at a party and decide to pop a few pills while they’re already drunk. Maybe they

How To Stop Enabling Addiction And Start Enabling Recovery

March 4th, 2018|

Well-Meaning Friends And Family Members Can Mistake Help For Enabling If you have a relationship with someone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can be easy to get caught in the trap of enabling, which leads to codependency. When you see someone you care about struggling with a substance abuse problem, your first instinct is to want to help and offer support. However; this “help” and well-meaning “support” can actually have a reverse effect on the situation and make things worse. To put it another way, the Substance Abuse And Mental

Nine Steps Family Members Can Take Right Away To Help An Addicted Loved One

February 22nd, 2018|

If Someone You Care About Has An Addiction Problem, You Should Take Immediate Action If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, there are certain steps you can take to help the person you care about. These steps should be taken right away. It is important to remember that addiction is a life-threatening condition that can result in premature death. If someone you care about has a substance abuse problem, you should take action immediately. Every minute counts. Having an addict in your life can be a stressful and confusing time.

What Role Do Insurance Companies Play in the Opioid Crisis? It Might Not Be What You Expect

November 12th, 2017|

Do the insurance companies feed the opioid crisis to make more money? The blame for the opioid crisis is often placed on doctors and Big Pharma. But another big suspect might have gotten away too easily: insurance companies. Many chronic pain sufferers rely on opiates to improve their quality of life. But there are many safer alternative treatments that insurance companies do not want you to hear about. Illicit drugs kill more people than prescribed opiates. However, there are many chronic pain sufferers who experience addiction and overdose too. High-risk opioids are covered. Safe

A Grief and Loss Handbook for Those in Recovery

November 7th, 2017|

Death: A Sobering Experience All Dan could hear was the humming and beeping of the machines his father was hooked to. Machines breathing for him, cleaning the blood that his failing kidneys no longer could. He had recently made the decision that his father was past the point of no return. Soon the machines would be unhooked. Though there were some close family members there, ultimately, he was alone with his thoughts. So many questions ran through his head: was he making the right decision? What would his father think? What do I think

List of Four Commonly Abused Drugs and Why They Are Addictive

October 1st, 2017|

Four of the most commonly abused drugs are prescription opiates, heroin, cocaine, and meth.  Here’s what you should know about these substances right off the bat: Millions of people around the world are hooked on one of these drugs right this minute, suffering from the disease of addiction. It’s a global phenomenon. Of all treatment admissions for those seeking help for a problem with addiction, one of these four is usually the culprit. Sadly, every year, tens of thousands of people die from an addiction to one of these substances. If you’re using prescription

An Overview of the Best ORTs (Opioid Replacement Therapies) on the Market in 2017

September 20th, 2017|

ORT or Opiate replacement therapy is becoming more widely used by medical professionals with each passing year. An Overview of the Best ORTs (Opioid Replacement Therapies) on the Market in 2017 These medications not only help reduce the severity of the crippling symptoms of opioid withdrawal, but they can also eliminate cravings, dampen the effects of triggers, and ultimately keep users from relapsing. This method of using ORTs to help treat addiction (rather than therapy itself) is one benefit of learning to look at addiction as an actual disease and is integral to long-term